Best Budget Table Tennis Table

Buying a new table tennis table is more challenging than one would like. Like most things, whether we get the table depends on whether it fits into our budget. However, just because it is a  budget table tennis table does not mean you have to skip on quality. Read below to find our top-budget table tennis tables.

When buying a table tennis table, it is essential first to consider what purpose you will be using it and how often. This will give you an idea of the price range to expect. Beginner tables cost anywhere between $300-$900, intermediate 900 -$1,600, and advanced tables between $1,600 to $5,000.

To buy a good table tennis table, you first need to know what makes it good. Carry on reading to find out what you must look for when buying a new table tennis table.

What Is The Best Budget Table Tennis?

Almost everyone dreams of being able to buy anything they want whenever they want. We picture swiping that gold, black, or platinum colored card without a care in the world, knowing full well we won’t see that dreaded ‘insufficient balance’ sign. However, for most of us, this is far from reality.

The average joe has to split their paycheck between rent,  family expenses, groceries, and the like. So, when the time comes for us to spoil ourselves with, let’s say, a new table tennis table, it is not as easy as one might like. Like everything else, this new table tennis table needs to fall within the budget. It would be great to get the best of the best, but unfortunately, the best comes with the highest price tag.

But before we look at how to choose the best table tennis table, it is crucial to clarify the following: there is a difference between the cheapest and cheaper offer. For many people, the words ‘cheapest’ and ‘budget’ are synonymous. While we understand the temptation to choose the cheapest option, it is not necessarily the best option.

Buying a new table tennis table for your home is an investment. Think about it this way; this table will be the center of countless game nights, the stress reliever after a long day of work, and the reason your table tennis skills have significantly increased. For this reason, you would want your table to last for many years.

The table should not only last for a reasonable amount of time but also tick off requirements that will allow you to have comfortable, fun, and productive game sessions. Therefore, while the cheapest table might seem like the best option, it is not necessarily the best choice.

Cheap table tennis tables are often made of poor-quality materials that lead to inconsistent ball bounce, delicate and lightweight frames, and overall quicker wear and tear. So, for this reason, we will help you pick the best budget table tennis table and not necessarily the cheapest.

How  To Choose The Best Budget Table Tennis?

To choose the best table tennis table for your budget, you first need to determine what you want from the table. Determining your wants and understanding what makes a tennis table ‘good’ can help you decide what table is best for you. As a result, we have listed some points and criteria to keep in mind when choosing your table.

Choose Purpose  For Table Tennis Table

Before purchasing a table, you must identify its intended use. For example, do you want to play table tennis only when the whim arrives or on family game nights? Are you interested in developing your skills to a professional level? The answer to these questions will help you decide which table to opt for and, therefore, budget for a price range accordingly.

  • If you’re looking at buying a table tennis table for social games now and then, you might consider investing in a beginner tennis table. Beginner tennis tables can range anywhere from $300 – $900.
  • Those who wish for a slightly more sophisticated table or play at an intermediate level might consider investing in an intermediate table. An intermediate table can cost anywhere between $900 -$1,600.
  • Advanced players or those wishing to compete should choose a tournament-grade table. The price of tournament-grade tables can range from $1,600 to $5,000.

Table Tennis Table Thickness and Quality

Regulation table tennis tables generally range in thickness from 12mm to 30mm. However, as a general rule, the thicker the surface, the better. Why? Well, a thicker surface allows for a more consistent high bounce. Tennis table balls are only two ounces.

A thicker surface helps lessen the vibration transfer to the ball, enabling a constant high bounce. However, if a surface is sturdier in some places and flexible and others, it can lead to an inconsistent bounce. Thick surfaces are also less likely to warp and have a more robust undercarriage.

Therefore, the thicker, the better. But a thicker table also means a higher price tag. For beginner tables, a 13mm to 15mm table will usually suffice. However, competitive players typically opt for 25mm+ tables and tables approved by the International Table Tennis Federation, or ITTF.


As with most new purchases, we want our table tennis table to last. So when looking for a new table tennis table, ensure the undercarriage is robust and has a treated paint surface. Some tables, such as higher-end ITTF-approved tables, specifically treat the surface to withstand high play. Also, try to avoid surfaces that have decals or sticks.

Foldability and Conversion Table TennisTable

Not all table tennis tables are foldable, so if you want a table that can allow you to quickly free up space, or play as a single player, try choosing a foldable table. Tennis tables come in 1-piece centerfold or 2-piece  foldable.

The first is the 1-piece centerfold that simply halves up. The second is the 2-piece foldable, which consists of two separate halves you can fold up. The 2-piece foldable can enable you to play as a single player and are easier to move.

Our Pick Of Best Budget Table Tennis

If you don’t know where to start looking, look no further! Below are some of our favorite table tennis tables to help get you started.

JOOLA Midsize Sports Table Tennis

  • Table top thickness: 0.62 inches (15.75mm)
  • Dimensions: 72 x 30 x 36 inches
  • Weight: 49.5 Pounds

As you may have guessed from the name, this isn’t a standard-size table. Instead, this table is 2/3rds the size of a regulation table. While it is not the same length as a standard-size table, it is the same height as one. Therefore, its size is perfect for smaller or compact places such as apartments, dorm rooms, basements, or gaming rooms.

The table is easy to set up and is designed with foldable legs for quick and easy storage. Overall, this table is perfect for kids and adults and includes net and posts. You can find this product for around $200 -$250

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis

  • Tabletop Thickness:  0.62 inches (15.75mm)
  • Dimensions: 63 x 56 x 5 inches
  • Weight:  201. pounds

Another one of our top-budget picks is the Stiga Advantage. This table has a 15.88 mm surface, silk-screen striping, and a multiple roller coat finish. It also comes with a cotton-blend 72″ net and steel clamp post system.

Nets clamps and leg levers are adjustable to help keep the table securely in place. And what’s best of all is that it comes 95% pre-assembled. This means you can have the table up and running for gameplay in 10 minutes. This table would cost you around $450 -$500

JOOLA Inside 25

  • Table top thickness: 0.98 inches (25mm)
  • Dimensions: 108 x 60 x 30inches
  • Weight: 284lb

Next on our list is yet again JOOLA. As one of the leading brands in quality table tennis equipment, how can we not have them again on the list? This table is USATT-approved and is among the top-selling JOOLA Inside Table series. The JOOLA Inside 25 is a regulation-sized table with a 25mm surface thickness allowing for a consistent bounce.

A net set is included, and the table features adjustable leg levers to help ensure a level playing surface. The table is delivered 95% pre-assembled; you need only attach the legs with eight bolts, and it should be ready to play in 10 minutes. Additionally, you can use the two-piece design for playback mode, so you can play table tennis without a partner. You can expect to pay around $900 – $950 for this table.

JOOLA Signature Pro Tennis Table

  • Table top thickness: 0.98 inches (25mm)
  • Dimensions: 108 x 60 x 30 inches
  • Weight: 256lb

The Joola Signature Pro is a tournament-grade table featuring a 25mm thick tabletop. In addition to having a consistent bounce, this table is perfect for heated games and higher-level play. It consists of a one-piece design and wheels to facilitate portability. Playback mode is possible when folding up the individual half and locking it into place. You can expect to pay around $950 -$1,000 for this table.

Butterfly Junior Table Tennis Table

  • Table top thickness: 0.47 inches (12mm)
  • Dimensions: 81 x 45 x 30 inchess
  • Weight: 75 pounds

The Butterfly Junior table tennis table is three-quarters the size of a standard tennis table. The table is the same height as a standard table but is three-quarters the length and width. Because of its size, it is excellent for smaller spaces where a regular table just can’t fit. An added perk is that this table is delivered 100% fully assembled, so you don’t have to worry about a long and tedious setup.

The table has two foldable halves, weighing approximately 35 lbs each. The halves fold up independently for quick and easy storage. Net and post set included. At the time of writing, you can find this table for around $420-$460

Joola Tetra Table Tennis Table

  • Table top thickness: 0.47 inches (12mm)
  • Dimensions: 108 x 60 x 0.47 inches
  • Weight: 85 lbs

For a lot of us, space is not a never-ending commodity. That’s why choosing a conversion table top might be a great option to utilize space efficiently. The JOOLA Tetra Table Tennis Table is a conversion table designed to do just that. Convert billiards, air hockey, dining, or picnic tables into regulation-size tennis tables. Before purchasing, it is essential to understand the conversion requirements.

The JOOLA Tetra needs a base that is a minimum of 7ft long and 3ft wide. It features an unusual 4-pieces design, allowing for quick and efficient storage. Another bonus is that this table comes 99% pre-assembled. You need only to clip on the ping pong net, and you’re ready to go. You can find this table for around $280 – $330

Maintenance Of Table Tennis Table

Once you get your table tennis table, it is important to routinely maintain your table. For the most part, cleaning your table is pretty simple. Wipe the tabletop surface with a dry cloth after every game to remove any dirt or dust accumulation. For this reason, it is best to cover your table tennis table to prevent dust buildup and accumulation.

Then again, many people view this option as not necessary for indoor table tennis tables. However, covering it is advisable if you will not be using the table for a long time. You should also clean the table with care. Avoid harsh products, solvents, or corrosion products on your tabletop. Using these products can damage the tabletop or lead to quicker deterioration.

Instead, use a gentle cleaning solution or products specifically designed for cleaning table tops. If you have cleaned the net, be sure never to place a wet net onto the table. Remember, inside tables are often made of wood, making them highly susceptible to the elements. Even putting your table in direct sunlight can affect its table’s longevity.


When buying a budget table tennis table, it is essential not to compromise quality for budget. Ultimately, you want your table to last as it is an investment. Therefore, be sure to check if the table meets all the requirements as well as your budget before purchasing.


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