Best Pickleball Paddle For Advanced Players

Advanced pickleball players play to win, requiring only the best possible equipment to guarantee success. As an intermediate player, I can recognize the subtleties between different paddles and how they affect your serve, dinks, and control. So, which paddle should advanced players use?

Best pickleball paddle types for pros:

  1. Franklin Composite
  2. Onyx Evoke Premier
  3. Electrum Model E Carbon
  4. Selkirk Vanguard Carbon
  5. Gearbox CX11Q Carbon
  6. Vulcan 520 Composite
  7. Paddletek Tempest Graphite
  8. Engage MX 6.0 Graphite
  9. ProKennex Pro Speed II Hybrid
  10. Head Extreme Tour Max

Not every advanced player has the same playstyle; otherwise, there would only be one pickleball paddle manufacturer, right? Let’s explore the list of paddles and why advanced players prefer them. Our comparisons will look at weight, body shape, core composition, and power or dink potential, among other things.

1. Franklin Composite Paddle

The Franklin Ben Johns paddle features a fiberglass hitting surface and a polypropylene core, ideal for advanced players. The fiberglass hitting surface offers a significant boost to spin balls while reducing vibrations on impact. As a result, the player will receive healthy control over ball placement and hitting the ball at specific trajectories.

This Franklin paddle boasts superior durability and a large sweet spot area for getting the most precise shots every time. This paddle caters to a balanced playstyle rather than leaning towards power or finesse and control. This particular model is a heavier model with a 7.9-8.3-ounce weight range. Additionally, the core measures 16mm thick.

It has an elongated paddle shape for more flexibility during your shots. The added length for reaching shots will be appreciated by shorter players, while many players like the longer paddle because it adds the possibility to whip the paddle and add more flair to their long drives and strength to their serves.

It is an approved USAPA paddle, and Ben Johns used this paddle to complete the Triple Crown in 2021 Arizona.

Franklin provides a 90-day manufacturer’s guarantee against any manufacturer’s faults. The 90-day period begins on the original purchase date and is valid with proof of purchase.

2. Onyx Evoke Premier Composite Paddle

The Onix Evoke Premier is a regular with intermediate and professional players. The paddle’s 16-inch length and 8-inch breadth give a paddle design that aids the player’s reach and total striking surface. The paddle contains Atomic13 Edge Technology that reduces shock, increases the paddle’s swing speed, and boosts a player’s power.  

The Onix Evoke Premier is a high-end pickleball paddle designed by Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova, both national champions in the sport.

The polypropylene core gives the Onix Evoke Premier a great feel and allows it to be a well-balanced paddle. The DF composite striking surface softens the ball but doesn’t reduce its spin or pop.

This paddle is also in the middleweight category, making it ideal for players with a balanced playstyle. It also has a standard handle length with a thin 4-inch grip size and an edge guard. The wide-body shape allows smoother ball placement and a more prominent sweet spot.

Onix has generously extended the paddle’s one-year manufacturer’s guarantee, covering both craft and manufacturing flaws. If you obtain this paddle and have any structural or performance issues within a year of purchasing it, please notify the shop.

3. Electrum Model E Carbon Fiber Paddle

The Electrum Model E blends an elongated design with a raw carbon fiber texture for full-court coverage and feels and maximum spin and control.

The Model E has a rugged, solid surface ideal for any shot that requires spin, pop, or form. The Model E is composed of quality Toray T700 carbon fiber, which has a deformation-resistant face. The grip, like the face, is made of carbon fiber, which adds to the paddle’s overall stability.

The Model E is a 16.5-inch long car with an extended form. Compared to the Electrum Pro Model, this paddle has a more extended reach in the kitchen. Whole cells in the polypropylene core create a constant feel no matter where you hit the paddle, producing an edge-to-edge sweet spot.

Collin Johns, the world’s number five pro, has a new signature paddle, the Electrum Model E. Their paddles offer uncompromised control and power. The Electrum Pro is the shotmaker’s favored option!

Electrum’s paddles come with a six-month warranty against manufacturer faults. Normal wear and tear, damage caused by abuse, carelessness, user modification, and the natural disintegration of a product over time is not covered.

4. Selkirk Vanguard Hybrid Maxima Carbon Fiber Paddle

Selkirk believes two principles of pickleball remain unchanged and had it incorporated into this paddle: speed and consistency.

This paddle is an exceptional choice for a player coming from tennis to pickleball. Selkirk’s engineers developed a proprietary QuadCarbon technology with two layers of carbon fiber on each side, instead of only one side like traditional paddles.

Consequently, their approach delivers a unique paddle that excels at accelerated ball velocity, consistency, maximum spin, an extra-large sweet spot, and a perfect feel. The Selkirk Vanguard Hybrid Maxima Paddle will take your dink game to the next level with control and placement, guaranteeing you have the edge when you find yourself at the net.

It’s a middleweight paddle that favors players who enjoy potent shots. The grip size ranges from 4-1/8-inches to 4-3/8-inches and comes with an edge guard. It’s also available in elongated and teardrop body shapes, and it has a polypropylene core that allows you to play a power and precision game.

You get a limited lifetime warranty on manufacturer flaws when registering your paddle with Selkirk online.

5. Gearbox CX11Q Power Carbon Fiber Paddle

The Gearbox CX11 delivers an unmatched premium feel, updated spin technology, more prominent sweet spot, improving the overall feel of the face of the paddle. It delivers very well at the kitchen or with backline shots. It’s also an excellent choice for players transitioning from ping pong that want a familiar feel and playstyle.   

The paddle suits players that enjoy powerful shots and being on the offensive. Its construction consists of a T-700 Carbon Fiber ribbed core working in conjunction with 3K Woven Fiber. These technologies enhance Gearbox’s Hyper Bite Spin Technology to create incredible spin and control while maintaining good power during shots.

The edgeless design provides a broad sweet area for the player and reduces the risk of mishits on the paddle’s edge. Interestingly, unlike most other paddle makers, Gearbox starts its spin technology from the core rather than adding grit to improve a player’s spin.

The CX11 provides maximum bite on the ball throughout the stroke, boosting the pickleball’s spin velocity. The edgeless design increases the sweet spot and strengthens 3K at the paddle’s edges.

A player can boost paddle control, speed, and ball placement thanks to Gearbox’s thin 11mm aerodynamic core. The Gearbox CX11Q paddle has a short handle and a Quad pickleball paddle form, which provides a player with reach and whipping action, resulting in a powerful paddle with unrivaled agility.

A one-year limited guarantee against manufacturing defects, faulty materials, and craft is also available from Gearbox.

6. Vulcan 520 Composite Paddle

The Vulcan 520 paddle boasts ultimate control during hits and the advantage of out-dinking the opposition. This paddle type is perfect for players who want to focus on touch rather than power.

Its design philosophy complements touch and placement players who play a high-percentage tactical game or games near the kitchen. Control is prioritized, with a softer feel for the touch you’ll need near the net.

The paddle has a Vulcan Modern Shape and a standard 13mm polypropylene core with a Fiberglass V-Skin surface. It’s a wide-body shape and has an edge guard. The unique Max Control Grip measures at 4-inches, while the total mass of the paddle is 7.8 ounces, placing it in the middleweight category.

This paddle comes with a limited one-year manufacturer’s guarantee from Vulcan and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee with every Vulcan pickleball paddle. This guarantee covers both craft and manufacturing flaws.

7. Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Graphite Paddle

This paddle is unique in that it aims to enhance the player’s skill and technique by providing solid features that improve power, precision, and a healthy dose of forgiveness.  

The paddle consists of Smart Response Technology, making it an excellent pick for touch and accuracy. Furthermore, a large, consistent sweet spot adds finesse to every shot, while the balanced weight increases speed and maneuverability for even better play. The long handle enhances this aspect of the paddle, making high or difficult shots easier.

The performance of this paddle speaks for itself, as it earns itself the title of Cadillac of pickleball paddles. The typical weight is between 7.6 and 8.0 ounces, putting it in the middleweight category. Furthermore, the paddle is flexible enough for powerful slams or the softest dinks, making it ideal for any shot on the court.

Paddletek covers you for a limited lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee on this paddle, protecting against manufacturer defects. Remember that you need to activate the coverage by registering your paddle on the manufacturer’s website within 14 days of the purchase date.

8. Engage Pursuit MX 6.0 Graphite Paddle

The Pursuit MX Graphite paddle boasts a high level of control and feels while offering good power. This lethal combination transforms the paddle into Engage’s Flagship paddle.

It’s Engage’s first graphite paddle, and it comes with two different core thicknesses. The pickleball paddle’s graphite face aims to interact with their black core, the softest core on the market.

Because it is a component of the paddle’s skin rather than an overlying texture, the graphite face has a rough feel that will remain. Its creation means increased friction and allowing the ball to stay on the paddle for longer. Furthermore, the paddle’s black core and graphite face provide an unrivaled feel, spin, and control.

The 5/8-inch thick core and middleweight construction of this model assists in delivering optimal control and feel. The MX model has a more extended 5-3/4-inch handle than the EX model, which has a 5-inch handle.

This pickleball paddle comes with a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty from Engage. This guarantee covers both craft and manufacturing flaws.

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9. ProKennex Pro Speed II Hybrid Paddle

The ProKennex Pro Speed II aims to deliver lightning-quick ball swings with this paddle. This paddle is well-suited to those who like to profit from an opportunity and catch their opponent unaware.

It boasts numerous features that provide great touch, feel, shock-absorbing, and unmatched kitchen play. The paddle face consists of a seven-layer coating composite that features spin grab. The thin polypropylene honeycomb core makes the paddle quiet and high impact resistant.

Its core consists of polypropylene, and its body has an edgeless design. The edgeless design features a replaceable Air-O-Guard bumper system that helps make this paddle lightning quick. Its 7.7 – 8.0-ounce weight puts it in the middleweight category, plus it has a wide-body shape that allows for a more prominent sweet spot.

ProKennex is kind enough to extend a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty period on this paddle, specifically for manufacturer defects.

10. Head Extreme Tour Max Carbon Fiber Paddle

The Extreme Tour Paddle is a lightweight paddle with a distinctive diamond design that gives you more control over your shots. The lighter head weight allows for a faster swing speed, which provides you with more time to react and more power to finish strokes.

It has an Optimized Tubular Construction (OTC) honeycomb polymer core and carbon graphite hitting surface (CHS) with Extreme Spin technology for superb feel, touch, maximum dinking capabilities, and a Comfort grip. In fact, it also has the green light from Sarah Ansboury, the Mixed Doubles US Open Champion.

This paddle features a Carbon Graphite hitting surface, creating a beautiful feeling of power and touch. The lightweight texture gives the paddle a reactive feel for big slams and soft touch for dinks at the net. Consequently, although professionals prefer it, even beginners can get a lot of this paddle.

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Due to advanced players’ varying playstyles, manufacturers engineer many different pickleball paddles. Some players may prefer more power for an aggressive presence while others a more calculated, patient game that strikes when the opportunity is at its best.


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