Best Pickleball Paddle For Two Handed Backhands

Although you may feel this is a one size fits all scenario, it actually is not the case; for some people, playing a two-handed backhand could impede their game performance. However, this means of striking the ball is definitely increasing in popularity. But now you are wondering to yourself, “What is the best pickleball paddle for a two-handed backhand.

Arguably the best pickleball paddle for a two-handed backhand has to be the Selkirk Amped Epic. There are various reasons for this; it is up to date with the needs of players and has incredible features such as improved stability, increased power, and control, and is suitable for a range of experience.

The grip size is one of the primary things you need to look for in a pickleball paddle if you wish to practice the two-handed backhand. There will obviously be other factors, but we shall get into those soon enough. With many people transitioning from tennis to pickleball, the movement has been popularized, so join us to see our top pick for the right paddle for you.

The Best Pickleball Paddle For A Two Handed Backhand

There are obviously many paddles on the market nowadays as pickleball has grown tremendously in popularity. More and more equipment manufacturers are joining the game to see who can produce the best paddle. This may not be the right paddle for you, but read on and find out more as there are plenty of reasons it just might be; our pick is the Selkirk Amped Epic.

Selkirk Amped Epic

The Selkirk Amped Epic is an impressive all-rounder, and this is but one of the reasons it is recommended. It boasts unprecedented control and comfortability. It has immaculate density and a thicker than average core, and this vastly increases the size of the sweet spot on the paddle. This paddle inspires confidence and allows for precise shots every time you hit the ball.

The thicker core is also a conduit for more excellent shock absorption, and you will resultantly discover that there is less strain placed on your wrists; this makes it ideal for people who wish to use the two-handed backhand if they suffer from wrist or elbow soreness.

Adding to that is the grip, which is comprised of a cushioning material that offers you a firm, confident and comfortable hold. You can be certain that the paddle will feel ‘right’ in your hands and embolden you to drive your performance to the next level. This is a point that needs to be stressed as the technology used is one that surpasses many competitors.

The core is made from polypropylene honeycomb technology which is durable. Resultantly, what will also surprise you, is that you will also get greater power output than you may initially think.

This goes for if you are hitting single-handed or double-handed, as the paddle’s robust nature assists in this department. Once you become comfortable with the slightly heavier paddle, you will soon find yourself reaping the reward, not only on your backhand but even on things such as your serves. 

Additionally to the power output, there is also the advanced amount of spin that you will be able to put on the ball, and this comes down to the expanded sweet spot. The edge guard is also thicker but relatively lightweight, so the paddle may seem bulky initially, but over time, as you get used to it, your swing speed will improve, and your shots will have a more significant punch.

The edge guard is low-profile and highly durable; overall, you are promised a well-balanced paddle that will probably not require the addition of lead tape, as some other paddles need. The surface of the paddle is made with fiberglass technology and promotes greater spin but does not cause you to sacrifice control of the ball.

Along with this paddle’s prowess, due to the extended grip, players with shorter arms are sure to benefit, and not only on their backhands; this is because the paddle will allow them greater reach.

Details And Specifications (According To Their Website):

  • Skill Level: Beginner to Pro
  • Average Lightweight: 7.2oz – 7.7oz
  • Average Midweight: 7.8oz – 8.4oz
  • Height: 15.75″
  • Width: 8.0″
  • Grip Length: 5.25″
  • Grip Circumference: 4.25″
  • Sweetspot size: 9
  • Price: $150
  • Surface Area: Largest
  • Handle Length: Long Handle (5.25″)

Pros Of The Selkirk Amped Include:

  • A thicker core
  • Improved stability
  • Greater reach for shorter players
  • Extended sweet spot
  • Increased power and control
  • Suitable for a range of player experience
  • Reasonable weight

Pros Of The Selkirk Amped Include:

  • Increased responsiveness may take getting used to
  • Slightly higher price tag

The Two Handed Backhand In Pickleball

There are advantages and disadvantages to executing a two-handed backhand, but as we have seen, more and more players are adopting this practice, and clearly, there must be something to it. One definite advantage is that you will have increased power behind your shots, which is purely because two hands are stronger than one.

Additionally, by adding both your hands to the paddle’s grip, you are more likely to engage the rest of your body more in the movement than playing the shot single-handed. With single-hand shots, you may tend to only use your arm to hit the ball, whereas the two-handed shot will force you to pivot with your entire torso.

You will also have greater control and stability when incorporating two hands into your strikes. With the addition of the existing assistance that the Selkirk Amped Epic provides, you will have powerful shots that add great force behind the ball.

If you are fresh to the court, or perhaps you suffer from weakness in your dominant arm (wrist and/or elbow), this is a great way to compensate for the power you might lack when trying to execute the shots with a single hand.

Now, although people with shorter arms will benefit from a paddle with a more extended grip, there is a slight disadvantage that might be caused for others, and this is that your reach may be limited when using two hands to play instead of one. Therefore, it is recommended that you practice hitting your backhand, single hand, and double hand.

Additionally, as mentioned, when hitting a double-handed shot, be sure to utilize as much of your body as needed. Place your weight onto your front foot and rotate not only your hands, but engage your core and include your torso (and the rest of your body) in the movement. Also, maintain the strike’s momentum, as opposed to stopping once you have made contact with the ball.


In our opinion, the Selkirk Amped Epic will be your best bet if you intend to do two-handed backhands while playing pickleball. It offers excellent control and stability but also performs where power is concerned. Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, you will reap the benefits of playing with this outstanding piece of equipment.


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