Can You Put 2 Overgrips On A Racquet?

Overgrips on a racquet are sometimes used when the original grips become too worn and the grip becomes affected. A good stable and consistent hold on the racquet handle is vital in tennis.

You can put two overgrips on a tennis racquet. Using two overgrips will make the handle larger, which can be helpful if that is what you need. Using two overgrips depends on personal preference, and it may be more beneficial to use a larger handle than using two overgrips on a smaller handle.

The handle of your racquet may need some adjustments depending on what you need. Putting two overgrips on the handle of a racquet may not necessarily be a good thing. It could influence racquet stability and the correct grip.

Can You Put Two Overgrips On A Racquet?

Technically, it is possible to put two overgrips on a racquet. However, whether you should do it is a different story. Tennis players like to experiment with different grips and handle sizes until they find something that uniquely fits them.

The decision to use two overgrips on a tennis racquet mainly depends on the size of the player’s hand and the size of the handle. Overgrips are thinner than regular racquet grips, which means you can use more than one. They provide a good amount of grip.

One thing to check if you are using two overgrips is the adhesive. The adhesive must be very strong so that everything remains in place on the handle. One disadvantage of using two overgrips is that there might be more movement due to the textures of the grip. This extra movement results in more twisting and compression between the hand and the grip.

Two overgrips can make the handle too big and therefore uncomfortable to hold. This will affect racquet stability. The racquet can also be slightly heavier with two overgrips, which could strain your hands.

Adding one overgrip to the handle increases the size by 1/16”. Two overgrips will increase the handle size by 1/8”, which is the same as increasing it by one grip size. So if the goal is to increase the handle size to fit your hand better, you could instead opt for a new racquet with one grip size up.

The best solution for an ill-fitting racquet handle is to find a handle size that fits you rather than trying to adjust your current handle. For example, you could use an L4 size compared to an L3 with two overgrips.

What Effect Does Two Overgrips Have On The Racquet?

When you place two overgrips on a racquet handle, the size and shape of the handle change. It makes the handle larger, and the form becomes rounder and less defined.

A larger, smoother, and rounder feel influences the players’ grip and steadiness when using the racquet. It will also change the way you can feel the position of the racquet in space and the grip orientation of your hand.

Using two overgrips also affects the racquet’s weight, making it slightly heavier. The weight, in turn, influences the balance of the racquet in your hand. Depending on your personal preference, you might enjoy these effects or not.

For example, some players like the change to grip orientation and position of the racquet because it is easier to move to a different grip position. However, most players will probably find this difficult to navigate and prefer a more stable feel.

There are also different types of overgrips which may affect if they work for you or not. Some overgrips are designed for sweat absorption or comfort. Others are made thinner, thicker, or give the player more control. Consider these factors when looking to purchase an overgrip.

How Many Overgrips Can You Use For A Racquet?

There is no strict number of overgrips that should or should not be applied, but it is highly recommended by experts not to use more than two. This is because the more overgrips applied, the more grip orientation and less stability will be present.

The main reason players want to use more than two overgrips is to make the handle thicker, which may feel sturdier in their hands. However, as more and more overgrips are used, the handle loses its edges and becomes rounder.

So, three overgrips, for example, would make it quite challenging to use the racquet without it turning and twisting. Three overgrips would affect the accuracy of your shot as the fundamental grip has been changed.

A heat shrink sleeve is a suggestion for making the handle bigger without using too many overgrips. This can be put on the handle by professionals. It is a good alternative to overgrips because it increases the size of the handle but keeps the beveled edges and therefore maintains a good grip.

How Often Should Overgrips Be Changed?

Whether you are using one overgrip or two, it is essential to know when to change them. It can be even more critical when using two overgrips, as this method already reduces grip and increases movement.

You’re probably right if you think it is time to replace your overgrips. Many people wait too long before making a replacement. General practice suggests changing your overgrip every 6 to 8 hours of play.

Various aspects influence how quickly you should replace overgrips, such as how much you play, sweat, and weather conditions like humidity. One way of helping overgrips keep longer is to air out the racquet.

If you own more than one racquet, you can take turns using your racquets. This method is beneficial when the weather is hot, and you are playing for a longer time.


Two overgrips can be used on a tennis racquet. This is usually done to make the handle larger but isn’t always the best option as it reduces grip and makes the handle too smooth.

The best practice is to find a racquet with a grip that fits you well from the beginning so that you don’t need to make any adjustments like fitting overgrips.


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