How Do You Play Squash Aggressively?

Squash is an internationally popular sport, and there are several different strategies for winning the game, but the truth is that every player has their own strengths and weaknesses, and every player gravitates to specific playing styles more than others. This leads some squash players to wonder how they can play the sport more aggressively.

To play squash aggressively, be sure to increase the intensity of your game as well as adjust your strategies preemptively. Aggressive squash is not always loud and fast squash. Learn your opponents, hit harder, hunt the volley, and change your game pacing to play more aggressively.

There are several squash techniques and strategies that any player can learn to use, but not all strategies are aggressive, and some players can benefit from some aggressive strategies to help them win matches. Let’s explore some aggressive squash strategies and gameplay methods to help you increase your intensity on the court.

How Do You Play Squash Aggressively?

Squash is a physical sport, but it is also a mental game. This game is about so much more than just hitting the ball back at the wall, and the most accomplished and successful; squash players are those who learn to use aggressive strategies and those who learn to play aggressively in multiple ways.

The truth is that playing squash aggressively does not necessarily mean being more physically aggressive, but it can also mean playing more intensely, focusing on a dynamic strategy, and keeping your opponent surprised by your choices.

Learning to play aggressively is critical for all squash players, and it enables players to compete against all types of opponents with various strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s identify and explore some of the best ways to play squash aggressively to increase your ability to win matches regardless of your opponent and their skill level.

Hit The Ball Harder

The most obvious way to increase the intensity of your squash game is to hit the ball harder. Hitting the squash ball harder increases the speed of the ball, which makes it more difficult for your opponent to return your shots.

This simple adjustment can change the way your opponent plays, and it can increase your point-scoring opportunities.

Change Your Pace

A good aggressive squash strategy is to change your pace in the middle of a match. This is a good way to play aggressively, but in a way that can take your opponent by surprise and give you the upper hand very quickly.

Begin the game by playing in a more relaxed or mellow way. After a few matches, suddenly increase the pace at which you play. Run faster, hit harder, and play in a generally more intense and aggressive way.

This sudden change of pace will take your opponent off their guard and make it much more difficult for them to score points, especially if they have had the time to become accustomed to your slow playing style before you increase your pace.

Keep Your Opponent On The Defensive

A good way to play squash aggressively is to never let your opponent rest. Keep volleying the ball without allowing it to bounce, take harder shots, push the ball faster, and get close t your opponent on the court.

Not allowing your opponent the ability to rest or catch their breath increases the possibility that they will make a mistake, which in turn increases your possibility of scoring.

Change Your Strategy Mid-Game

Changing your pace is a good way to take your opponent off-guard but changing your strategy mid-game is another good aggressive way to play squash.

If you begin the game with a rally-only strategy or a defensive strategy and quickly switch to a volley-focused strategy or an offensive strategy mid-game, your opponent will be forced to adjust their own strategy when they were not ready to do so, and this will afford you a significant advantage overall.

Move Faster

Similar to hitting harder, moving faster is a good way to increase your aggression on the squash court. Players who are not used to intense matches will struggle against a very fast player, and moving faster on the court will allow you to make shots that will surprise your opponent.

Moving to the ball quickly and explosively hitting the ball and using unique angle shots or unexpected shots will keep your opponent on the back foot for the entire match.

Make Unexpected Shots

Making unexpected shots is another way to increase intensity and aggression.

Forcing your shots higher or faster than usual or changing your strategy to suddenly include lobs and cross-court shots is a good way to confuse your opponent.

Take shots that your opponent is not expecting, and they are likely to lose the point every time.

Hunt The Volley

Hunting the volley is a squash term that means to always rush to keep the ball in a volley rather than allowing it to bounce before hitting it.

This will keep your opponent rushing for the ball as it moves at a faster speed, and the gameplay increases every time the ball is volleyed.

This strategy is aimed at making your opponent tired very quickly and is an excellent way to play legally but aggressively and to keep the pressure on your opponent in order to induce a mistake,  regardless of their skill.

Use The Angles Of The Court

Every good squash player understands how to use the angles of the court to their advantage, and a good way to play more aggressively is to use these angles as much as possible.

Using the angles of the court to hit shots that are difficult to return or to make shots that your opponent is not expecting is a good strategy for squash and is likely to score points well, especially against players who are somewhat inexperienced.

Change Your Serves Based On Your Opponent

Learning to play squash well and use aggressive strategies means learning to serve well and learning to serve based on where your opponent is and how they play.

Learning all of the different serving styles that you can find is an excellent way to increase your aggressive squash game and is likely to increase your ability to score points and hold the serve for longer.


Learning to play aggressively is a good way to increase your ability to score points on the squash court, and it is a good way to become a better overall squash player.

Take your time to learn some aggressive techniques and play a dynamic game of squash every time your enter the court, and you will quickly find that your abilities will drastically increase, and you will feel much more in control on the court.


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