How To Increase Spin Of Table Tennis Bat?

Mastering spin in table tennis will elevate your game to new heights. A fast forehand without spin doesn’t have the consistency, quality, and safety it can have.

A simple way to increase your spin in table tennis is to increase friction between the bat and the ball and adjust your stance. Lower your center of gravity, slight bend at your knees, time your hit, and step into the ball to brush it over the net. It would help if you refined flicking your wrist.

Increasing spin can give your shots more depth into the table, making them challenging to receive. Probably studying the fundamentals and understanding the theory behind shots makes the entire process of improving your game faster. 

Tips and Tricks to increasing spin?

Increasing your table tennis spin can seem impossible when you don’t know the simple mechanics behind the feat. Taking time to follow these simple tips and tricks that good coaches teach will help you make more significant strides than you would have been able to without a gentle hand.

Spin Starts In Your Legs And Goes Up Your Body

Although counterintuitive, spin comes from the ground up. If you want to increase your spin and its quality, you’ll have to know that it doesn’t come from the forehand topspin or backhand flick.

You need to be in a low and centered stance and use your weight transfer to increase that amount of spin. If you weren’t doing this before, you should be able to see immediate results.

This dramatic change is because the arm alone cannot produce the fast spin you want. Like punching in boxing, you need a low center of gravity and be in a position where you can put your whole weight behind an action without losing control. 

You’ll notice that leading table tennis athletes will be deficient with a notable bend in the knee, which affords them a lot more acceleration.

For example, your connection with the ball should be a whipping action with your legs and body going first, your torso turns with a controlled weight transfer, and your arm should finish the action at the very last.

This is where you get all that speed and momentum to brush and spin the ball where you want it to go. Training up your legs and practicing your playing stance will be vital in helping you increase your spin.

Without bending your legs, you’ll notice that there isn’t much motion, and you don’t have as much of the power you get with bent knees. It’s also more tiring on your shoulders and arms. 

Get Correct Contact With The Ball

Simply, this is working on brushing the ball with the paddle rubber to allow friction generation. It’s this friction that causes the ball to spin. 

An easy drill to practice is to have someone roll the ball on the table towards you, and when it goes over the edge, you stroke the ball upwards with a light brush to get that spin going. 

Another way is to put the ball in the mouth of a bottle like you are teeing off a golf ball and trying to brush it off the bottle without knocking it over. Training to not knock over the bottle will be difficult, but once you get it, you’ll walk off with light strokes that deliver delicate but killer spins.

This training method will teach you to always have a delicate touch on the ball to generate a controlled and consistent spin. 

These last two methods have correct control of the wrist as an integral part of getting more spin. Your wrist should release forward from the point of relaxation to generate that additional spin and better quality shot. 

Hone The Correct Feeling And Control 

This is feeling and control for bringing the learned brushing drive into your strokes to maximize and finesse your spin. This step should build on what has already been established by concentrating on the feel of the ball as it brushes against the bat.

You want to have the ball travel on the back for as long of a period as possible. This action helps the ball sit into the bat, which helps it grip the rubber for maximum spin. This is where you’ll have to distinguish your strokes because the moment you lose that light brushing touch, the ball won’t have the spin you want.

Adjust Your Starting Position And Bat Angle

You won’t be able to increase your spin if your bat angle isn’t right. You want a flatter closed or fairly open bat angle to brush on top or under the ball on those important push shots.

However, if your bat angle is too open, you won’t be able to come in and generate the spin you have envisioned. An overly open bat angle puts you into a situation where you are trying to lift the ball over the net instead of brushing it. 

Bring It All Together To Get Acceleration

Acceleration is the last stop that combines everything we’ve touched on so far. Once your body and bat are in the correct position, and you are going in and brushing the ball, you can begin speeding up.

The faster you go into the ball with these learned mechanics, the more spin you should get out. Remember, you want to be energy efficient, so all that acceleration should only be on the ball’s impact. It’s no use giving massive effort while going towards the ball and then failing to connect with that same acceleration.

Do You Need To Increase Your Table Tennis Spin?

Spin isn’t only crucial in table tennis because it looks impressive. It can serve as that additional strategy to take the win yourself.

The topspin can make it seem like the ball is magically drawn to the table and add a layer of awe and dazzling for both the opponent and the spectators. Backspin has the opposite effect, as it can make the ball appear like an air hockey disc through the way it glides over the table.

Spin can be what separates a pro from a novice, and increasing the amount of spin at will showcases a level of control over the ball you didn’t have before.

How To Return Spin In Table Tennis?

It’s vital first to understand that topspin, backspin, and side spin serve as the three main categories of spin. This is because returning a spin requires knowledge of how to regulate your spin correctly and insight into the spin that’s coming your way.

With practice and muscle memory, you should be able to respond to spin instinctively. It’s practicing until you can perfect the basic principles of spin that will allow you to read and return it.

In your practice sessions, you’ll need someone that’s able to serve you with a spin that has quality and consistency so you can get used to it. Over time, you’ll be able to make quick adjustments as you learn to feel the ball and make changes to correct the effect of the spin on the ball. 

This is why it’s essential to stop learning how to increase your spin and learn the basic methodology behind each of the three spin types. Frankly, there’s only one way to master being able to return spin: practice and lots of it.

As each paddle and its rubber have feelings, you’ll want to practice every time you get a new one. With relentless repetition, you grow to learn how to read the speed and spin on the ball automatically and how to correct it on your side. 

How To Increase Top Spin In Ping-Pong?

When venturing to improve your topspin, you’ll need to decide between forehand and backhand for each practice. 

  • Only focus on a single orientation at a time to help you build momentum. Make sure to choose a comfortable grip that works for you.
  • If you don’t have a robot to do those consistent serves, you’ll need to ask a friend with some table tennis experience or a coach to feed you the ball from the other side of the net. 
  • Practice playing cross-court until you can consistently return regular balls with topspin. Don’t worry too much about the pace. It would be helpful to focus your session on consistently nailing the topspin.
  • Footwork is essentially the cornerstone of this technique. Usually, you should be centred with bent knees and step into the shot with your leading leg at a slightly diagonal angle upon impact between the bat and the ball. 
  • Make sure to intercept the ball and hit it when it’s in your sight. Don’t wait for the ball to go past your body. With lots of repetition, you’ll be able to go faster and faster with your body, increasing the speed of your topspin.

The most important thing when mastering topspin is to expose yourself to different techniques by playing with many players. Every player adds their unique spice to spins, and seeing and counteracting all those will not only grow your ability to hit top spins more reliably, but you’ll be able to hit them faster and more accurately.

Methods To Increase Table Tennis Ball Spin

You’ve already learned how to prime your body and the little tips and tricks involved in getting the best possible spin. Here you’ll again recall all that knowledge to deeply cement it while adding one or two more methods of improving your spin game.

Continually refine your stance and the way you hold up your bat. Add some chalk powder to the rubber of your bat. This will increase the friction between the paddle and the ball, creating a faster and better spin. The chalk method also helps reduce the slippage of the ball upon contact as it increases friction. 

You can also apply some chalk to your hands to reduce sweat interference from your palm, making your grip sturdier. A better grip should give you additional power, even if it initially appears minuscule. You’d be saddened by how much efficiency is lost because of sweaty hands. 

It also helps to use a slightly thicker bat to help secure you and control your grip better. There are numerous types of bats on the market, with each one being able to either improve your accuracy, increase your speed or improve your spin.

Make your bat work for you by reducing vibrations and improving your game without you having to work your steam even harder to draw out the capabilities of the paddle.

Choose your paddle wisely, as it can be one of the easiest ways to immediately improve your spin while still working on improving the various techniques you’ve learned.

You’ll notice that the many types of paddles have different thickness and weight, so make sure to do some thorough looking around to find your perfect companion.

After each practice, clean your bat, so the powder or any other debris doesn’t get embedded. This will help maintain the highest friction between the paddle and the ball to maximize your spin. 


Practicing to increase your spin in table tennis is a must if you’re looking to elevate your game. Increased spin will buff up your overall game and improve your shots. The high spin will give you untapped control over the ball while helping you improve your accuracy and consistency. 

Body positioning is perhaps the most fundamental concept to master. Once you learn to lower yourself and work with your entire body instead of your arms, you should see an almost immediate improvement. 

If you aren’t in a place to practice the fundamentals, the most immediate way to see visible improvement is to look into the paddle you are using. As different bats are made with varying strengths, you’ll need to find one that’s the wind underneath your spin. Make sure to fully utilize the contact area of the paddle and use the friction to direct the spin.  


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