Is 18mm Good For Table Tennis?

People in the market for a new tennis table must consider a few vital factors before deciding. Numerous table tennis table options are available to consumers, resulting in the final choice being challenging; however, the most important consideration is the table’s thickness. The thickness of a table tennis table usually varies between 12 and 25 millimeters.

A table tennis table that is 18 mm thick is sufficient for most levels of play. 18 mm is ideal for table tennis tables utilized in households and other non-professional forms of play. While professional table tennis matches occur on 22 mm thick boards, 18 mm is good for most people. 

Many table tennis players and industry experts incorrectly claim that tables less than 1 inch thick are not worth purchasing. However, it has been demonstrated that 18 mm thick table tennis boards are an acceptable thickness. Any table tennis board less than 18 mm thick will significantly decrease the player experience, clearly indicating the importance of the board’s thickness. 

Why Is 18mm Good For Table Tennis? 

While choosing the best table tennis table for your requirements can be challenging, it is crucial to purchase one at least 18mm thick for the highest quality playing experience.

Industry experts and experienced players unanimously agree that the thickness of a table tennis table is the most reliable indicator of its quality. The thickness of table tennis tables can range between 12mm and 25mm, with it being known that the thicker the board is, the higher its performance will be. Conversely, the thinner a table tennis board is, the lower its quality will be. 

It is recommended to avoid purchasing table tennis tables that are too thin, which can be anything lower than 18mm in thickness. Tables less than 18mm thick are associated with low-bouncing balls and can have undesirable flimsy characteristics. While many experienced table tennis players unfairly discriminate against tables less than 22mm thick, 18mm is entirely acceptable. 

Table tennis tables 18mm or thicker are desirable for their consistent ball-bouncing characteristics and solid build. 18mm thick table tennis tables are revered for their high and consistent bounce, which, combined with their strong build, will allow the board to last for many years. 

Despite being more expensive than their thinner counterparts, 18mm thick table tennis boards are outstanding value for money as they will maintain their structural integrity and bounce for decades. In addition, the difference between 18mm, 22mm, and 25mm is negligible for most table tennis players as they will not be able to clearly distinguish between the various options. 

Should You Buy An 18mm Thick Table Tennis Table? 

Before you purchase any table tennis table, you should decide what it’ll mainly be used for. If the table tennis table is not used in professional matches, 18mm in thickness is more than sufficient. 

Tables less than 18mm thick are known to be flimsy regarding their fundamental applications and outcomes. Table tennis tables that are only 12mm thick are known to lack the required bounce and feedback of those with a thickness greater than 18mm. In addition to being flimsy, boards that are too thin will not last long and will likely break during the heat of an intense match with your friends. 

Purchasing a table tennis table that will suit your needs and last for an extended period will require a table that is at least 18mm thick. Most reasonably priced and pricier table tennis tables have a thickness of 18mm or more, while inexpensive tables have the enormous drawback of usually being less than 18mm thick. 

Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a table tennis table between 18mm and 25mm thick. When buying a table tennis table over 18mm thick, you are ensuring the highest quality playing experience coupled with enormous durability. The unique combination makes the 18mm thickness ideal for home usage and non-professional play. 

High-quality 18mm thick table tennis tables are divided into two separate sections, allowing them to be efficiently stored when not in use. Experts recommend never purchasing a table tennis table less than 18mm thick as it will break easily while not allowing for sufficient ball bounce height. 

However, if you decide on a table tennis table greater than 18mm in thickness, it’s important to note that the difference between 22mm and 25mm is mostly negligible. 22mm is the minimum thickness required for professional matches, while the thickness can increase to 25mm in some tournaments or countries. 

While 18mm is a sufficient table thickness for most utilizations, industry experts agree that a 22mm thick table tennis table is ideal for regular players and school or university gaming rooms. However, if numerous players do not frequently utilize the recreational table tennis table, a board 18mm thicker will suffice. 

Is There A Difference Between 12mm And 18mm Thick Table Tennis Tables?

There is a noticeable difference in general quality, playing feel, and ball bounce height between table tennis tables that are 12mm thick and boards that are 18mm thick. 

A 12mm thick table tennis table is sufficient for inexperienced hobby players that want to occasionally play a game with their friends in the garage. However, the lack of thickness will result in an enormously low bouncing ball and has the potential to fall apart when you need it most inconveniently. 

The lack of thickness does not only threaten the quality of any table tennis game; the main disadvantage associated with such low-quality and thin boards is their lack of structural integrity. Table tennis tables are relatively big items and require a lot of open space to play.  

The size of table tennis tables means that if they are less than 18mm thick, the likelihood of them collapsing is significantly enhanced. While this may not pose a challenge for weekend warrior players or people aiming to occasionally challenge their family on weekends, it will negatively impact the average consumer. 

It can therefore be said that before purchasing a new table tennis table, consumers should ensure that it is its boards are thicker than 18mm. Any table tennis board less than 18mm thick will significantly hinder the ball bounce height, longevity, and general playing experience. To enjoy your table tennis and improve your general game while playing with friends at home, an 18mm thick table is appropriate. 


Table tennis has been popular past time for many decades, with the game’s global popularity continuing to increase exponentially. Due to table tennis’s popularity and social nature, many people aim to purchase a table for their homes, mainly to challenge their friends and family on weekends.

However, table tennis tables are relatively costly, meaning some consumers incorrectly purchase on less than 18mm thick. A table tennis table thinner than 18mm is not worth the money as it will break quickly and lower the overall game experience due to a low bouncing ball. Conversely, consumers purchasing an 18mm thick table tennis board cannot go wrong. 


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