Is Squash An Expensive Sport?

Are you considering playing squash but wondering if it is only for the wealthy? Squash may not be as popular a racket sport as tennis or badminton, yet it is still a sport much loved by many worldwide. So, is squash an expensive sport?

Squash isn’t considered an expensive sport because you can get all the necessities to play squash for around $100. Access to most squash courts is also relatively cheap, meaning your daily cost to play squash isn’t expensive. But, of course, the price of squash depends on your preferences.

To determine how much it costs to play squash, you must consider how much the equipment and access to squash courts will cost. Then, you must also consider what you want to accomplish with your squash. We’ll discuss everything relevant to the price of squash to help you determine whether this is an expensive sport.

Is Squash An Elite Sport?

For many years, squash has been considered an elitist sport played only by the rich. Yet, it has recently become more accessible for the middle class or even lower-class income groups. The most expensive part of squash is building the courts, which can set you back around $40,000.

As for the rest, squash is actually a relatively affordable sport. Considering you only need shoes and squash balls to play it, and the daily rent for a squash court is moderate, you won’t be breaking the bank when playing squash.

As people have become more invested in squash, more squash courts have been established. You can now find squash courts in the most unexpected places, and the sport has gained popularity in some third-world countries, like Egypt.

The most significant contributor to the expense of squash is the area in which the courts are built. Many squash courts in first-world countries, especially in America, are located in high-end clubhouses. Here, you can expect to pay several thousand dollars for a yearly membership.

Private squash coaching is also relatively expensive, and you’ll likely need to be a member at one of these squash courts to have your private lessons. You can pay between $15 – $30 per squash lesson if you take private lessons from a coach.

This has led many to believe squash is an expensive sport only suitable for the rich. However, apart from the ridiculous membership fees of some clubs and the private coaching fees, squash is a relatively affordable sport almost anyone can enjoy.

How Much Does It Cost To Play Squash?

Of course, before you can determine if squash is an expensive sport, you must know what it will cost you to play. The necessities needed for squash are a racket and squash balls. But, then, you also need access to a squash court, which you can rent per time you go or monthly.

If you intend to play squash regularly, you may invest in some squash shoes. Some clubs may also require you to wear protective goggles, especially when playing in tournaments. Finally, you may be interested in getting a private coach to help you play squash more effectively and become a professional squash player. But how much will all the squash equipment cost you?

  • Squash Racket: $40
  • Squash Balls: $11
  • Squash Shoes: $43
  • Squash Goggles: $20
  • Squash Court Access: $10 per day or $150 per month
  • Private Squash Coaching: $15 – $30

As you can see, the basics needed for squash, like a racket, balls, shoes, and protective goggles, aren’t that expensive. Furthermore, playing squash at a communal court isn’t expensive if you join for a monthly fee. Although the prices of all the equipment and memberships depend on what products you buy and where you are located, you may be able to play squash for a reasonable price.

If you want to play professionally or intend to compete in many squash matches, you will not buy the cheapest entry-level equipment. However, the entry-level rackets and shoes are perfect for occasional squash players and beginners.

Who Plays Squash?

Determining who plays squash is difficult, especially considering that the crowd of squash enthusiasts may differ between countries. However, in most cases, there is a specific group more inclined to the sport. And unfortunately, this group seems to be more among the rich.

In America, for example, most squash players are part of expensive clubs that offer state-of-the-art squash courts. Since you can expect to pay thousands of dollars for a yearly membership at one of these clubs, it is no surprise that these members are among the higher-earning population, and most have university degrees.

In addition, it is mostly younger people between the ages of 25 and 50 who play squash. This is mainly because squash is one of the most intense racket sports and requires a great deal of physical exertion while playing. This age group has the money and stamina for the sport. It, therefore, makes up the largest group of squash players in North America.

Of course, this isn’t the case in every country. There are other countries where squash courts aren’t nearly as expensive, offering more people the chance to enjoy the sport. In these countries, people of all ages play squash, but it is mostly the younger generation who genuinely master it.

Because squash is such a physically demanding sport, it’s no wonder that most professional squash players are under the age of 35. However, squash may be the perfect racket sport to try if you enjoy racket sports and are looking for something new and exciting.

Why Is Squash A Less Popular Racket Sport?

Despite growing in accessibility, squash isn’t the most popular racket sport. While many have guessed why this is, there is one common denominator. Squash is considered a rich man’s sport even though it is more affordable than you may think. What’s more, squash isn’t suitable for everyone, as it is physically demanding.

These factors have made squash less popular than many other racket sports, like tennis, racket ball, and badminton. Few schools offer squash as an extra-curricular, and most people stick to the sports they are familiar with once they finish school.

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give squash a chance. Many squash enthusiasts are hard at work to overturn the elitist reputation of squash and make it more accessible to the middle-class and lower-class income groups.

If you are interested in the sport, you shouldn’t let stigmas and generalizations convince you to knock the sport. Instead, try it despite your gender, age, or social class. This will help spread the word that squash is no longer just for the rich and famous and that anyone can enjoy it if they want to.


Squash doesn’t have to be an expensive sport. You can buy the equipment (racket and squash balls) needed for less than $100. The more you play squash, the more equipment you will want and need. However, it still doesn’t have to be an expensive sport and can be enjoyed by many.


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