Table Tennis Rackets: Is Stiga Better Than Butterfly?

Are you deciding between a Stiga table tennis racket and a Butterfly? These are two of the leading producers of table tennis gear and rackets. So, you may wonder if Stiga rackets are better than Butterfly rackets.

Most Chinese table tennis players prefer Stiga rackets above Butterfly rackets since you feel the vibration of the racket in your hand. Stiga rackets are also more affordable than Butterfly rackets, and users report that Stiga rackets are more flexible. This means that they are better for some.

When choosing between a Stiga and Butterfly racket, you must consider all the aspects of the racket and decide which one you prefer. While some consider Stiga to make the best table tennis rackets, others prefer Butterfly rackets. So, we’ll consider the different aspects of each to give you the best idea.

Which Is Better – Stiga Or Butterfly?

Suppose you’re a beginner table tennis player. In that case, the type of racket you purchase isn’t too important, as you can use basically any racket at the beginning. But if you want to start playing competitive table tennis, you’ll likely consider upgrading your racket.

In this case, you’ll look at two of the most popular table tennis racket brands – Stiga and Butterfly. You may have heard people saying that Stiga is better than Butterfly and wonder if this is the case. Well, there are several aspects you must consider when choosing between these two brands, including:

  • Price
  • Materials
  • Weight
  • Flexibility
  • Vibration

Stiga and Butterfly also have various models, meaning that making a comparison of the brand, in general, is trickier than comparing two specific rackets. However, we’ll compare these two brands, in general, to help you choose the best brand to buy from.

Stiga VS Butterfly: Price

Stiga and Butterfly have different rackets at different price points. Generally, Stiga’s rackets are more affordable for the same technology and style as Butterfly’s rackets.

For example, the Stiga Pro Carbon racket is an excellent intermediate racket that you can buy for around $80. On the contrary, the Butterfly Viscara table tennis blade is also a great option for intermediate and advanced players, but it is around $166.

Make no mistake, though, as Stiga also has high-end rackets that are significantly more expensive than the Carbon Pro. For example, the Stiga Carbonate 45 racket will also run you around $160 a racket many professional players use.

Regardless of your level of playing table tennis, you don’t necessarily want to break the bank for a racket, and choosing a good brand that is more affordable is the best option. So, regarding affordability, Stiga seems to be the better option.

Stiga VS Butterfly: Materials

When comparing Stiga and butterfly rackets, you must consider which materials you prefer in your racket. Stiga reportedly makes some of the best wood-only rackets on the market, while Butterfly often adds carbon to their rackets.

In this case, it depends on whether you prefer a wood-only racket, which gives you more vibration and an old-school feel, or if you prefer a lighter, more modern carbon racket. Both rackets are great, and it seems that Chinese professional table tennis players prefer wood-only rackets.

The best advice is to play with both rackets and decide which materials you prefer. If you settle on a carbon racket, Butterfly is the best option. But if you prefer a wood-only racket, you should consider a Stiga.

Stiga VS Butterfly: Weight

When talking about rackets, you must also consider the racket’s weight. This comes hand-in-hand with the materials used to produce that racket, as wood-only rackets tend to be heavier than carbon rackets.

Some people prefer a racket with more weight, while others like their rackets as lite as possible. Whichever racket you choose will depend on the materials the racket is made from. Regardless of the racket material, a good racket should be balanced in its weight.

This means that the head and blade part of the racket should be about the same weight, so you have control and power when hitting the ball. Stiga and Butterfly both produce well-balanced rackets, so you shouldn’t have a problem with either one.

Stiga VS Butterfly: Flexibility

Ideally, you would want a flexible table tennis racket to fling the ball forward with more power. However, some players prefer a stiffer racket because they want to use more power when hitting the ball.

In terms of brands, Stiga seems to produce rackets with more flexibility, making them superior in this regard. But again, the best way to test if you like the flexibility of a Stiga racket, or prefer the stiffness of a Butterfly racket, is to play with both and test them out.

Stiga VS Butterfly: Vibration

You should consider the vibration of the racket. The vibration refers to how much you feel when the racket connects with the ball. Again, some people prefer a racket with more vibration, while others don’t like to feel the vibration.

The materials used for the racket also affect how much vibration you feel. For example, a wood-only racket usually has more vibration than a carbon racket, as the carbon absorbs more of the shock than the wood.

Of course, the rubber coating also influences how much vibration you will feel. Stiga and Butterfly produce rackets with more or less vibration depending on the model, so you should consider how much vibration you want to feel before determining which model you want.

Stiga VS Butterfly: Consistency

Finally, you must know how consistent the rackets are when looking at Stiga and Butterfly rackets. This is where Butterfly rackets have the upper hand. They are reported to consistently deliver high-quality rackets, where the rackets are all the same weight and size.

On the contrary, Stiga’s rackets aren’t always sanded down as neatly, and their rackets may have more weight fluctuations. So, if you’re looking for a consistently great racket, Butterfly will be a more reliable option.

Now that we have considered the various aspects you must look for when buying a table tennis racket, you are probably wondering which rackets professional players are using at the moment.

Do Professional Table Tennis Players Use Stiga Or Butterfly?

Professional table tennis players use various rackets, as they also have personal preferences regarding the racket’s materials and weight. As mentioned earlier, many Chinese professional players use Stiga rackets, while American players seem to prefer butterfly rackets.

You will often see two rackets in professional table tennis: the Butterfly Viscaria ALC racket and the Stiga Carbonado 45. These rackets both have carbon inserts. A popular wood-only racket is the Stiga Clipper, which you will also see many professional players using.


After considering all the aspects of Stiga and Butterfly rackets comes down to your preference regarding style, materials, weight, and vibration when choosing between these two brands. Stiga offers more affordable rackets, while Butterfly’s rackets are more consistent.


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