Is Tennis Better Than Gym?

Tennis is a highly intense and very active sport. There are few sports that affect the body in the same way as tennis. Everyone who has engaged in the sport finds that it is an exceedingly intense workout and always raises the heart rate. This leads many to wonder if they should play tennis rather than go to the gym to increase and maintain fitness and muscle strength.

Tennis is better than the gym in some regards. Tennis is an excellent cardio workout and increases the overall strength and health of the body. Going to the gym is better for targeted workouts, strength training, and muscle building. Tennis is better for overall health than going to the gym.

There are many sports that are as tiring and intense as tennis, but few feel like a better workout. Tennis is a complex and involved sport that exercises the body and mind, and most people who play tennis find that it helps to maintain fitness and increase overall body health. Let’s explore the benefits of playing tennis and find out if this sport is better than going to the gym.

Is Playing Tennis Better Than Going To Gym?

Going to the gym is a standard form of exercise for many people. There are hundreds of various workouts that can be done at the gym, including fitness training, muscle development, strength training, and many others.

However, playing tennis is an extreme workout if played at a high level and is considered by many to be a better workout than what can be achieved at any gym. Is this statement true, or is it better to go to the gym for exercise?

The truth is that playing tennis is better than going to the gym for many aspects of fitness. There are certain workouts and exercises that can only be done properly with gym equipment, and it is definitely possible to increase fitness and strength by going to the gym.

With that said, playing tennis is a major full-body workout; it increases muscle strength, it increases bone strength, exercises and maintains ligaments and tendons, and it is an excellent cardiovascular workout as well.

This means that playing tennis is a more effective workout for overall health than going to the gym and performing resistance exercises or even using machines such as treadmills and elliptical machines.

Playing tennis is better than working out at the gym if overall physical fitness and health is the goal. If building larger and stronger muscles or targeting specific muscles and areas of the body is the goal, then tennis cannot compare with a well-designed gym workout.

The bottom line is that the better workout for you should be based on what your goals are and how you want to achieve those goals. Some people prefer to play tennis for their full-body workout, while others are more stimulated by a gym workout.

It is better to choose the exercise that interests you more, as you will therefore be more committed and maintain your exercises with more consistency.

Can You Get Fit Playing Tennis?

We have established that playing tennis is a good workout, but can you get fit playing this sport? If you want to get fit, is it better to play tennis or to go to the gym?

The truth is that fitness is not as straightforward as most people realize. Different aspects of the body can become fit depending on how the body is exercised.

Playing tennis is an excellent way to increase and maintain cardiovascular fitness as well as the fitness of muscles in the legs, core, and upper body. However, playing tennis will only make a person fit for the motions and movements that are involved with playing the sport.

Becoming tennis-fit is not the same as becoming running-fit, nor is it the same as becoming strength-fit from lifting weights.

If your goal is to become fit for running a marathon, then running is the only way to develop this fitness. If your overall aim is to increase your physical fitness level and cardiovascular health overall, then playing tennis is a good way to do so, as it is a high-intensity sport that involves cardio fitness.

Playing tennis will necessarily make you fitter than going to the gym, depending on the workouts that you do at the gym. It is possible to do cardiovascular workouts at the gym that will increase overall fitness in the same way as playing tennis.

Does Playing Tennis Make You Stronger?

Playing tennis is known to be a full-body workout, but can it be compared to going to the gym to train muscles and make a person stronger?

The truth is that going to the gym for target muscle training specifically designed for increasing strength is better than playing tennis and trying to achieve a significant strength increase.

Your muscles will become inherently stronger while playing tennis because the muscles are used very heavily, but tennis does not increase or improve physical strength in the same way as specific strength training does.

The muscles that you use for playing tennis will become stronger as you play the sport more often, and your body will become inherently stronger as a result, but you will not gain significant muscle mass, lifting strength, pushing strength, or pulling strength by playing tennis when compared to targeted muscle training exercises.

Playing tennis does increase strength in bones, tendons, and ligaments, which can improve your overall quality of life, reduce the risk of various injuries, increase your lifespan, and make your body feel stronger overall.

With that said, if you want to get stronger, going to the gym for this purpose will achieve better results than playing tennis.


At the end of it, the better form of exercise for you is the exercise that you enjoy more. If you enjoy the exercise you are doing, you are more likely to keep doing it, which will have far better long-term results. If you prefer playing tennis rather than going to the gym, then play the sport that you love. Tennis is a very good overall workout and does contribute to physical fitness and overall strength.

Playing tennis regularly is better than going to the gymnasium for some people, but the gym is better for targeted workouts and specific training exercises. If you prefer workouts at the gym, then go to the gym, but if you would rather play tennis, then get your exercise on the court.


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