Tennis Gloves For Sweaty Hands

Several factors influence your tennis game to a large extent. Sweaty hands are one such factor that can drastically affect your tennis game. Suppose your hands tend to get covered in sweat during a tennis game. In that case, it will severely affect your ability to grip the racquet properly.

Tennis gloves are an excellent solution for sweaty hands. The gloves will prevent the sweat from dripping onto your hands and the racquet’s grip. Good gloves will also help absorb sweat from your hands while simultaneously helping to absorb moisture from your hands, ensuring a good grip.

While tennis gloves can be tremendously helpful in preventing sweaty hands from inhibiting your tennis game, these items work best when combined with other sweat-prevention measures such as armbands and sweat-absorbing overgrips. You will simply need to find the combination that works best for you.

Tennis Gloves For Sweaty Hands

To perform at your best on the tennis court, one of the most important things is to ensure that you maintain a good grip on your racquet.

Suppose your hands tend to become extremely sweaty during a tennis game, and sweat drips down from your arms and the rest of your body. In that case, it will be extremely difficult to maintain a good grip, and your racquet will constantly slip out of your hand.

In hot, humid weather, you will sweat significantly while playing tennis. This sweat will inevitably make its way down to your hands, preventing you from keeping a good grip on your racquet. A properly fitted set of tennis gloves will help strengthen your grip by reducing the moisture that reaches your hands.

By investing in a pair of tennis gloves with good ventilation technology and several other features, you will prevent sweat from dripping onto your hands and grip. The gloves will also help absorb a significant amount of sweat from your hands, thus preventing it from affecting your grip.

While playing a role in sweat prevention, tennis gloves will also provide padding for a comfortable grip while ensuring flexibility for your fingers to move freely. With proper insulation and breathability, tennis gloves can prevent sweating while providing warmth for your hands in cold weather. 

Best Tennis Gloves For Sweaty Hands

The best tennis gloves for sweaty hands provide good ventilation while simultaneously absorbing the sweat from your hands. Several manufacturers produce gloves that can do exactly that, so we will discuss some of these gloves below in no particular order.

The Bionic Glove is a good example of a glove that will help with sweaty hands. It features micro-pads made of Terrycloth that absorb moisture to ensure your hands remain dry throughout your tennis game. The goatskin leather also helps prevent slippage.

The Python Deluxe Glove is made using perforated Cabretta Leather. This ensures the glove remains breathable and sweat resistant. This glove features a tacky palm area to prevent any slippage, despite the weather conditions.

The Head AMP Pro glove uses a special fabric that ensures your hands remain dry. Perforated linings ensure the glove is properly ventilated. Head also produces the Leather Air Flow Tour glove with Cool Tech spandex to ensure excellent ventilation.

The Tourna Tennis glove, manufactured using calfskin leather, features a Velcro wristband lined with Terrycloth to soak up sweat before it reaches your hand.

Other Solutions For Controlling Sweaty Hands

Several other solutions for sweaty hands can be used in combination with tennis gloves to ensure your hands remain sweat-free, helping you maintain a good grip on your tennis racquet throughout your game.

A product on the market called GRRRIP has seen excellent results for tennis players with sweaty hands. This cream begins as a liquid when poured onto your hands. Once you start rubbing your hands together, it turns into a powdery substance that ensures you can maintain a firm grip on your racquet.

Irrespective of how much you sweat, this product should help reduce the effect that your sweating has on your grip of the racquet, provided you reapply frequently.

Secret Stuff is another product designed for rock climbers that works quite well for some tennis players.

Spray-on antiperspirants are popular amongst sweaty-handed tennis players. There are some products on the market designed specifically for the hands, and some that need only be applied a few times a week. With these products, you will need to check that they do not cause skin irritation.

A simple solution is to carry a small dry towel in your shorts pocket that will allow you to dry your hands off whenever necessary. While effective, this method is probably not sufficient used in isolation.

Powdered chalk is another option that, while potentially quite messy, will make a big difference to the sweatiness of your hands. Alternatively, make use of a rosin bag.

Another solution is to use wristbands. Many think that these are simply a fashion statement. However, wristbands are designed to absorb any sweat running down your arms before it reaches your hands and has a chance to affect your grip.

The same goes for a headband that prevents the sweat from your head from running down the rest of your body. Both items can be highly effective in preventing sweaty hands if combined with some of the other methods described above.

Sweat-absorbing overgrips can also be extremely helpful in the fight against sweaty hands. These are usually perforated to improve the ventilation factor. One such example is the Tarna overgrip that becomes tackier when wet.

Hand sanitizer gel can also be effective when applied to your hands. This will ensure your hands remain dry while removing dirt, dead skin, and any skin oils.

Most tennis players have multiple racquets (two or three) that they can swap out during play to give the sweat-covered racquet a chance to dry out. This is not a solution on its own but will help ensure you can always maintain a good grip on your racquet.


It’s clear that sweaty hands can significantly affect your tennis game. Suppose you tend to have sweaty hands when you play tennis. In that case, there are several measures that you can put into place either to prevent sweat from reaching your hands or wicking up the sweat from your hands before it interferes with your ability to play. Combining gloves with one of the other solutions above should prove highly effective in reducing sweaty hands.


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