The Best Shoes To Play Squash In?

Starting a new sport comes with lots of excitement, motivation, and, of course, new gear. Having the correct gear can make all the difference in how you play. Squash is no exception. Continue reading to find out which shoes are best for playing squash.

The best shoes for playing squash are non-marking shoes with good traction. Squash shoes should also provide ample support, especially around the back of the foot and the ankle. This will help to reduce your foot from rolling and other injuries. Lightweight shoes can help you move faster as well.

Find out more about some of the best squash shoes on the market by reading on.

What Shoes Should You Wear When Playing Squash?

To choose the best squash shoes, you must first know what you are looking for in a shoe. This is because squash shoes are different from those of other sports. Listed below are three requirements for squash shoes.

Squash Shoes Should Be Non-Marking Shoes

You may think that wearing any-old sneakers or sports shoes is suitable for playing squash. This is not true. There is a strict shoe policy for squash players. All shoes worn on the court should be non-marking (they should not leave any marks on the court).

So, if the shoes you want to wear are non-marking, by all means, you can wear them on the court. If not, you will have to purchase a pair specifically for playing squash. Even if the squash court does not insist on this rule, it is still considered bad etiquette to wear marking shoes.

It is also regarded as bad etiquette to wear squash shoes outside the court. This rule may seem absurd and unnecessary, but there is a pretty good reason for it. Wearing squash shoes outside of the court makes them dirty. Dirty shoes bring dirt onto the court, making the court slippery and dangerous.

Good Squash Shoes Have Grip

Squash players run – a lot. Not only that, but players also make a lot of sudden twists and turns throughout the game. So, it is vitally important that players have shoes that can allow for this kind of motion. In addition, shoes worn on the squash court should have a good grip. Gripped shoes allow you to play more effectively, but more importantly, it helps to prevent injury.

Squash Shoes Need Support

In squash, you do not just run forward as in other sports, but also left, right, and backward. In addition, squash consists of sharp twists and turns. Thus, squash shoes need a lot of support. Squash shoes should ideally be supported around the back of the foot and ankle.

A well-supported shoe can reduce foot rolls and twists of the ankle. As for the weight of the shoe, squash shoes should ideally be lightweight. Lighter shoes will help aid in quick movements on the court.

The Best Squash Shoes

There are many squash shoes available on the market, but which ones are the best? Below are some of the best squash shoes available.

Asics Gel Fastball 3

The Asics Gel Fastball 3 is a good all-rounder court shoe. This shoe provides good cushioning and thin soles. The insoles are removable, so you can easily insert orthotics if need be. The shoe also has a lightweight plastic reinforcement on the tip of the foot to help prevent wear from dragging. The shoe has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon and sells for about $170-$185.

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Asics Gel Tactic

The Asics Gel Tactic shoe is another great all-rounder shoe suited for players of all levels. It is a lightweight shoe with a good amount of traction. The Asics Gel Tactic provides great underfoot cushioning and is durable with rubber toe protection.

The Asics Gel Tactic has undergone many revisions since its release in 2016. As such, shoes after 2017 are sometimes referred to as Asics Gel Tactic 2. The shoe range is highly rated on Amazon and can cost anywhere between $90-$150.

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Asics Gel Rocket

The Asics Gel Rocket gives you a bang for your buck. This shoe offers you quality at an affordable price. As such, the shoe has been a popular choice for many indoor sports. Besides its comfort, it has a good grip and a lightweight design.

However, the shoe has a narrow design. Individuals with wide feet are better off purchasing a different pair of shoes since this shoe may be too narrow for them. Overall, the Asics Gel Rocket has 4.6-star ratings on Amazon and costs anywhere between $70 – $100

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Adidas Stabil Next Gen

The Adidas Stabil Next Gen is another popular shoe for squash players. The shoe has a moderate weight and a snug fit. The boost sole is great at absorbing shock and bouncing back. In addition, the shoe has ample support at the back of the heel and ankle area.

It is recommended that you choose a different type of shoe if you have wide feet since this shoe will be too tight and could cause discomfort. Adidas Stabil Next Gen has high ratings on Amazon and costs anywhere between $130-170.

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Salming Hawk 2

The Salming Hawk 2 is another favorite among squash players. The shoe proves comfort and ample cushioning. Additionally, the shoe has a lightweight design and provides a fantastic grip. The Salming Hawk 2 also offers a good combination of mobility and stability. The shoe has 5-star ratings on Amazon and costs between $150-$210.

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The best shoes for playing squash are non-marking shoes that provide ample traction. Marked or dirty shoes are considered improper squash etiquette and should never be used. In addition, good squash shoes should provide ample support to help prevent feet from rolling or ankles twisting.

A lightweight squash shoe is ideal as well since it improves speed on the court. There are many shoes available that will be well suited to playing squash. But some of the best shoes on the market are the Asics Gel Fastball 3, Asics Gel Tactic, Asics Gel Rocket, Adidas Stabil Next Gen, and Salming Hawk 2.


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