What Do Girls Wear For Squash?

The game of squash involves lots of short bursts of movement and regularly reaching for and hitting the ball. To do this, girls need to wear comfortable clothing that allows them to move freely. So, what do girls wear for squash?

The best clothing for girls to wear when playing squash is a sleeveless shirt with either shorts or a skirt, socks, and shoes that do not mark the court. These items are usually white, black, or blue, although it varies according to preference. Jewelry must be kept to a minimum.

Squash is a physical sport and requires you to move fast and often. To do this, you need to be able to move around unrestricted. Therefore, knowing what to wear is critical to feeling comfortable on the court, relaxing, and playing your best game. Squash etiquette has some great ideas to help you with this.

What Outfits Do Girls Wear For Squash?

Knowing what to wear when preparing for a game of squash is essential. If you wear the wrong clothes, you will significantly compromise your ability to move around freely and make the shots required.

If you are inappropriately dressed, this will also impact your capacity to relax and enjoy the game.

Although girls have personal preferences, and outfits vary according to their unique style, it is advisable to follow the general clothing requirements.

The basic requirements for squash include a shirt, skirt or shorts, socks, and sports shoes specially designed for indoor use. Girls can select their own colors and designs for these items. Still, it is generally advisable that clothes be kept in neutral colors and not be too tight-fitting or too loose.

Choose Neutral Colors For Squash

Girls often wear neutral colors like black, white, or blue while playing squash because it is less distracting on the court and makes mixing and matching items at home easier.

For example, buying shirts and skirts in a few basic color options like white, black, and blue makes it simple to put outfits together.

Because you’re on a court in a confined space, choosing clothes that are not too brightly colored, and have minimal patterns is best. Playing in a confined space with brightly colored clothes with bold patterns might be uncomfortable. This can be distracting to other players.

Although nothing stops you from wearing any color you like, unspoken etiquette is that players are mindful of the clothes they wear because they can also influence their opponent’s game. For this reason, players generally wear neutral colors.

Clothes Should Not Be Tight Or Too Loose For Squash

Don’t wear anything too tight or too loose. Wearing clothing that is too tight prevents you from moving freely and constricts your movement.

Because squash involves a lot of moving around the court in short bursts of movement, you need to be able to move without your clothes preventing you from doing so.

Bear in mind that baggy clothes will also get in your way. If there is excess material, you might find this distracting while moving around the court. Loose clothing can also be heavy because there is additional fabric, which can slow you down.

Also, loose-fitting clothes can get in the way of the game by impeding the flow of the ball. You will be penalized if the ball touches your clothes because this is considered an obstruction.

Tips For Choosing What To Wear To Play Squash

Wearing the right clothes is essential to feeling comfortable on the court and playing your best game of squash. Here are some ideas to help you.

Choose Natural Fabrics For Squash

Because you’ll be moving around the court a lot, you must choose clothing that allows you to glide, slide and reach for the ball without being restricted. Certain types of natural fabric are better suited to this and do not compromise your skin’s need to sweat.

Natural fabrics like linen and cotton are best.

Choose Comfortable And Secure Squash Shoes

Because you are required to move quickly and in different directions during a game of squash, you need to have the right shoes. Shoes that lack the proper support or slip on the court will seriously compromise your ability to play properly.

The best shoes for squash are rubber soled and are specially made to not leave marks on the court. Choosing the right size for you is essential. Make sure your foot fits comfortably into the shoe with enough space to wiggle your toes.

It is advisable not to wear your squash shoes outdoors because they will get dirty.

Limit Your Accessories While Playing Squash

If you’re a girl who likes accessories, keep them to a minimum on the squash court. This is because any dangly jewelry can get in your way and affect your ability to move around freely.

Suppose you wear some essential items, such as earrings and a watch. In that case, it is best not to wear expensive jewelry because it can get ripped or broken while playing.

For this reason, many players take off their watches and chains before they play because these items can easily break unless they are made for sport.

Squash can be physical in that you could slam into the glass at the back of the court or run into a side wall. However, when you’re on the court, you want to be able to focus all your attention on the game and play your best and enjoy it.

Worrying about your jewelry wastes time and energy when you’re there to play squash.

You can also injure yourself or your opponent if you wear inappropriate jewelry.

You could wear a simple watch, but make sure it is relatively small and won’t crack or break if it hits the glass at the back of the court or the walls.

Choose Your Squash Clothes According To The Weather

The temperature inside a squash court varies according to the weather outside. Therefore, some squash courts are colder than others, and it’s worth finding out ahead of time whether this is the case with the court you will play on.

So, if it is hot outside, it is helpful to choose lightweight clothes and if it is cold outside, choose some warmer clothes and even add a jersey or long-sleeved vest.


Wearing the right clothes that allow you to move freely around the court is essential. While there is always a way to make yourself feel good in the clothes you wear, try to keep your outfit to the basic colors and prioritize comfort over looks.


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