What Is Squash Attire?

If you are considering playing squash, it is imperative that you know what to wear when doing so. Wearing improper squash attire is impractical and disrespectful, and it is also potentially dangerous. So, what is proper squash attire?

Proper squash attire consists of neat athletic clothes, socks, and proper squash shoes. Never wear tank tops, ripped clothes, or jeans to play squash. Looking presentable is extremely important when playing squash, and therefore people often wear modest, white athletic clothes to squash.

Wearing proper squash attire is one of the most important things when going to a new squash court. This will give the impression that you take this sport seriously and respect squash etiquette. Therefore, this article discusses the proper squash attire for men and women and discusses what gear you need to play squash.  

What To Wear When Playing Squash

Wearing the right clothes when playing squash is more important than you think. Squash is a strenuous activity. Therefore, you must wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move around freely. In addition, your clothes should be sweat-wicking as you will undoubtedly sweat a lot while playing squash.

Although crop tops and tanks are trendy and gym-appropriate, they aren’t suitable on the squash court. Instead, wear a t-shirt or polo shirt that offers more coverage. Remember that you will be running, lunging, and leaping while playing squash, so you must dress appropriately.

Squash attire for men and women is similar. Still, there are minor differences between what is allowed for different genders when playing squash. Therefore, we will now discuss squash attire for men and women.

What Is Squash Attire For Men?

The most important thing is that your clothes should be practical and comfortable. Opt for athletic shorts, a polo shirt or t-shirt, and squash shoes. We will discuss the squash shoes later in this article.

White is the preferred color when playing squash. However, you don’t have to wear white, and any color will do. It is important to ensure that your clothes are whole, as rips or tears are seen as improper squash attire. Any socks are acceptable, but most people wear long, athletic socks to prevent their shoes from chafing.

Overall, your squash attire should be comfortable and allow you to move freely when playing squash. In addition, your attire shouldn’t have offensive slang written on it or be styled in a way to make other players uncomfortable.

What Is Squash Attire For Women?

Squash attire for women is similar to that of men. Wear comfortable attire that allows freedom of movement while playing squash. Dress modestly so you don’t offend any other players.

Avoid wearing tank tops or long leggings that you would wear to the gym. While these clothes might be comfortable, they aren’t part of the squash attire. Instead, opt for a polo shirt or t-shirt with a tennis or squash skirt or short athletic pants.

Keep your hair tied back to ensure good visibility and remove any jewelry that can fall off and break or damage the court. In general, dress modestly and respectfully towards other squash players. When you go to a new squash court, ask if there are any specific dress codes.

In addition to wearing the right clothes when playing squash, you also need the right gear. Some of the equipment required for squash can be rented from the courts. However, other gear you must purchase ahead of time.

What Gear Do You Need For Squash?

Having the right gear for squash is essential to keep you safe and make the game more enjoyable. Fortunately, there is a lot of squash gear available, and you don’t have to buy the most expensive equipment when you first start playing squash.

The gear you will need to start playing squash is a racket, squash balls, and squash shoes. Although goggles aren’t mandatory at all courts, it is highly recommended that you wear goggles while playing squash to protect your eyes. This is the gear you will need to play squash.

1. Squash Racket

The first thing you need to play squash is a squash racket. Squash rackets have long, thin handles and a big head. There are many styles of squash rackets available. You can choose between a top-heavy, top-light, and balanced squash racket.

A top heavy squash racket has a heavier head than handle. These rackets ensure you have more power when hitting the ball. On the other hand, top light rackets have a lighter head than handle and ensure you have more moveability with the racket.

A balanced racket has the same weight in the head and handle and is the best racket for a novice squash player who still needs to learn how to move the racket and wants some power when hitting the ball.

2. Squash Ball

There are various kinds of squash balls, and the type of ball you should use depends on your skills and experience playing squash. Squash balls are color-coded depending on their difficulty level.

For example, professional squash balls have two yellow dots. These balls take the longest to warm up and are the firmest. They are great for professional players who hit the ball hard and fast but don’t work well for novice squash players.

Squash balls with one yellow dot have slightly more bounce and a longer hanging time. Therefore, they are suitable for experienced squash players who aren’t professional but want a more challenging game. Squash balls with green dots are for intermediate players.

Red dotted squash balls are a lot more bouncy than green dotted squash balls. They are perfect for beginners and don’t take a lot of time to warm up. Blue dotted squash balls are the softest and are suitable for junior and completely new squash players.

3. Squash Shoes

One of the most important things you need to play squash is a good pair of squash shoes. Most squash courts prohibit shoes with black soles, as they leave marks on the court. Instead, squash shoes have a lighter sole that is highly grippy, allowing you to run around on the court without slipping.

In addition to grip, you also need shoes that offer sufficient support. Squash shoes have a broad base that helps to protect your ankles. These shoes are comfortable to play squash in and help prevent injuries. There are many different styles of squash shoes to choose from, and it is best to try the shoes on and ensure they fit comfortably.

4. Protective Glasses

Squash goggles are mandatory in junior leagues and on some squash courts. However, you are always recommended to wear goggles when playing squash. If you get hit with a squash ball in the eye, you can have permanent eye damage and might even become blind.

Therefore, most people wear goggles while playing squash. You can wear any protective goggles, and some have a head strap to secure the goggles to your head. Regardless of the style of goggles you like, ensure they fit comfortably and offer sufficient protection.


There are specific guidelines about the attire you should wear when playing squash. For example, don’t wear tank tops, ripped clothes, or long pants. Instead, wear comfortable sweat-wicking athletic shorts or squash skirts, a t-shirt or polo shirt, and squash shoes.

In addition to wearing proper squash attire, you also need a squash racket, balls, shoes, and goggles to play squash. Overall, you should feel comfortable playing squash and dress with practicality in mind.


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