What Is The Aim Of The Game In Squash?

Are you interested in learning how to play the game of squash? It is a competitive one-on-one sport that really tests your physical and mental abilities. Squash is a technical game, so even beginners need to be clear on the game’s objectives and goals.

The aim of the game of squash is for two players to take turns hitting the ball against the front wall. One player beats the other by getting the ball to bounce twice before the other player can get their turn. The player can also beat the other when their opponent hits the ball out of play.

There are some rules and jargon involved with the game of squash. It is a sport played on a court with four walls, including two players (or four), two rackets, and one ball. There are all different types of hits you can make in squash, and these skills will help you reach the aim of the game – hit the ball so your competitor can’t return it.

The Aim Of The Game In Squash

Squash involves two players, with both players hitting one ball. Each player has a squash racket. The objective in the game of squash is to beat your opponent by hitting a ball with a racket against the front wall continuously until the other player cannot hit their turn.

This can happen in two ways – the ball can bounce twice, or the opponent hits the ball out of play. Essentially, both players take turns hitting the ball to the front wall. The ball should only bounce once on the floor but can hit any of the walls.

You can play squash with two or four people. It is called squash doubles with four people, where two people are on the same team. The court is larger than the court used for a singles game, but there is still a lot of quick and intense activity.

Each team has a player assigned to the right and left sides of the court. The players take turns hitting the oncoming ball. The goal of the game is the same – each team should try to hit the ball to the front wall in such a way that the other team cannot return it as per the rules of the game.

How Does The Game Work In Squash

The number of points has to be at least 11 points, and the aim of the winner is to win by 2 points. The game will carry on until one person has 2 points above the other. A whole match is won when a player wins the best of three of five.

How does a player score a point? A player gets 1 point when they hit the ball to make contact with the front wall, and then the ball bounces twice before the other player can hit it. Another way a player gets 1 point is when the player hits the ball too high or too low on the front wall.

The game begins when a player serves, which is also how each point starts. The serve must hit the front wall above the line (the service line that runs across the middle of the wall). Also, the player must be standing in one of the small service boxes on the sides of the court. Once the ball is hit in a serve, it has to land in the back quarter of the court on the opposite side to where the player is.

After a player has had their shot, they must try to get out of the way so the other player can take their turn to hit the ball. In this fast-paced and intense game, it may appear that players can quickly get in the way of each other. However, they cannot purposefully do this, and if one player does get in the way of their opponent’s turn, they can ask the referee for a replay of that point.

What Are Skills Needed To Play Squash

Various types of skills are needed to be able to play squash properly. The most basic shot is called the forehand. The forehand is any shot you hit with your dominant hand’s side, regardless of right or left.

Related to the forehand shot, there is the forehand drive. This shot involves hitting the ball next to the sidewall on the court. The forehand driver is more complex than a routine forehand shot as it is closer to the wall, but a popular one to challenge the other player.

Another well-known skill is learning how to play the backhand shot. The backhand shot is played on the opposite side of your dominant hand. This type of shot may take a little longer to learn as the feeling is more unnatural than a forehand shot.

Similarly, there is also the backhand drive. This means hitting the ball as a backhand shot but next to the sidewall. Although some shots may be more challenging than others, in the beginning, these four shots are the regular ones that are played.

However, other skills may help you win on the court. For instance, a drop shot attempts to trick your opponent by grazing the wall before touching the ground. It takes some technique to play this type of shot, but it includes slowing your swing first and then cutting down on the ball, so it touches your racket more lightly.

The kill shot is another skilled shot that some squash players use to try and score a point. It means hitting the ball with your arm over your head after the ball has bounced off a higher part of the wall. It is a difficult shot to play, but you would often be rewarded with a point if the shot is successful.


The main goal of squash is to hit the ball so that your competitor is unable to return the ball correctly. This can happen in two main ways – the ball bounces twice before the player can get to it, or the ball is hit out of play.


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