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What Size Table Tennis Table Should I Get?

Selecting the correct size table tennis table will significantly impact your ability to enjoy each game. Therefore, knowing the best size tennis table for your environment is essential.

The size of the table tennis table you should get depends on the space you have for where the table will go. Additionally, it depends on whether you would like to have four-player matches and get professional table tennis experience. You can choose between mini, midi, and full-size tables.

Choosing an appropriately sized table tennis table is essential in ensuring you have a positive experience each time you play. Let’s explore factors that will determine the best size table tennis table for you.

Different Types And Sizes Of Table Tennis Tables

Here is some information on the different types of table tennis tables on the market and the size of each of the relevant tables. Knowing the size options available will guide you in which table to choose based on the environment where your table will be placed.

Full-Size Table Tennis Table

A full-size table tennis table is arguably the most popular table to choose from, as it is regarded as the standard for table tennis tables and is the size that professional players use.

According to the rules of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), a standard table tennis table should be 9 feet (length) x 5 feet (width) x 2.5 feet (height). A full-size table is a perfect fit if you are looking to become a pro at table tennis or are already well-versed in table tennis.

Irrespective of your level of playing table tennis, purchasing a full-size table can still be a good idea as it ensures that you get to experience table tennis to the full by using a high-quality table.

You should get a full-size table tennis table if you have lots of space to play. Getting a full-size table is worthwhile if you have a big garden, a large garage, or room indoors. Importantly, when evaluating whether you have sufficient space to use a full-size table, ensure that after placing the table in the designated area, players will have 1m-2m of room to move when playing the game.

Purchasing a full-size table but then using it in a cramped space can be counterproductive. Therefore, you should choose the size of your table by considering the space available, taking into cognizance that you need room to move around the table swiftly when playing table tennis.

If you envision your table being used for four players, it is wise to get a full-size table, as it will give the players sufficient room to move around and play. However, if you intend to use the table for one-on-one games, it might be better to get a smaller table, as it is arguably not necessary for you to have such a large table.

Mini Table Tennis Tables

Mini table tennis tables are approximately 4.4 feet (length) x 2.4 feet (width) x 2.5 feet (height). Typically, the height of all table tennis tables will be 2.5 feet, which is the recommended height for enjoyable table tennis games. However, some tables might be a bit lower if they are designed to accommodate kids.

In the event that you want to purchase a table that will accommodate your kids, look for one that is lower than the typical 2.5 feet table. It’s essential to bear in mind that mini tables are not limited to being used for kids. Rather, the size is smaller to allow you to play table tennis even if you don’t have a lot of room to play.

You should get a mini table tennis if you have limited space in your home or outdoors but have sufficient space to set up the table and move around comfortably. Ideally, you would like to have 1m-2m of space around the table to move.

However, having 1m-2m of space surrounding the table is not a hard requirement, so it is okay to get a small table and play it in a small area. Provided you have enough room to wiggle your arms and take a step or two, you should be fine playing table tennis with a mini table in a small area.

Midi Table Tennis Tables

Midi table tennis tables are significantly larger than mini tables and lean more to the size of full-size tables. Generally, midi tables will be approximately 5.9 feet (length) x 3.3 feet (width) and 2.5 feet (height).

Midi tables are suitable for four-player matches but give players less room to play than a full-size table. Nonetheless, the space provided by a midi table enables players to play comfortably without feeling restricted in a manner that the average adult might feel when playing on a mini table.

Although midi tables are smaller than full-size tables, you will still need sufficient space around the table to move when playing table tennis. Ideally, there should be 1m-2m space for movement around the table. Therefore, if the area you have designated for the table is not spacious enough for 1m-2m space around the table, then you might have to consider getting a mini table.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Table Tennis Table

Apart from the size of the table tennis table, there are other things you need to take into consideration when determining which table you should get. Here are a few essential factors to consider when choosing a table tennis table.

Using A Table Tennis Table Inside Or Outside

Whether you will use your table tennis inside or outside is an essential factor to keep in mind when choosing a table.

If you plan to use your table for outdoor use, you will need to ensure that you have a sturdy table that can withstand the wind and not be tarnished by sunlight or rain. Typically, a table tennis table designed for outdoor use will be more expensive given that it has to be built with extra protective measures to protect against natural elements that can easily damage the table.

Storage Space For Your Table Tennis Table

Storing your table tennis table in a secure spot is crucial for the longevity of your table. It would be best if you started thinking about where to keep your table before you get it.

Unless you plan to leave your table out every day, it’s important that you find a space to store your table when you are not using it. The place you choose should be out of the rain, snow, wind, or any significantly cold weather, as this can damage the table’s wood. Additionally, the storage space should be out of direct sunlight or excessive heat.

The spot you choose should be away from any form of moisture and dampness. Ideally, seek a place that is dark and dry. Storing your table in your garage can be a viable option depending on the condition of your garage. Storing your table in your garage can be wise as it is not too hot and not too cold and is away from direct sunlight and rain.  

Alternatively, you can store your table in a basement, provided it is a finished basement that will not expose the table to sunlight or have inconsistent temperatures.

If you have a foldup table tennis table, you should be able to store it inside your home. When choosing where in your home to keep it, you are somewhat spoilt for choice, as you can hide it in a cupboard, under the staircase, or under another table. Wherever you choose to store your table, it needs to be out of direct sunlight and in an area where the room temperature remains the same all day.

Storing your table in the kitchen is not a good idea because of the heat present when cooking as well as the cool air from your refrigerator each time you open it. Ensure that your storage spot is in an area where you do not use air conditioners or heaters very often, as this will have a similar effect to leaving the table out in cold or warm conditions.

Thick Table-Top Surface On Table Tennis Table

When choosing which table tennis table to get, it is vital that you select a thick table surface to ensure an even bounce. According to the ITTF, the table tennis ball should bounce at least 23cm when it is dropped from a height of 30cm.

A thick, even surface plays a significant role in your playing experience, as you would naturally want your ball to bounce with agility. For professional table tennis players, a table surface of 25mm thickness is the standard measurement which is often found in competitive-class tables. These tables are best known for their ability to promote a consistent bounce.

However, these tables are often quite expensive and are not necessary if you intend to play table tennis recreationally. The table you choose will typically depend on the level at which you are as a table tennis player and the level at which you hope to become in the future.

If you are a beginner who will likely only use the table for occasional use or family games, getting a lightweight table with a 15mm thickness is not a bad option. This option will be budget friendly but is unlikely to last very long or provide an authentic table tennis feel.

If you’re a beginner hoping to improve your skills at some point or an intermediate player, then tables with 18mm-21mm are best suited for you. These tables have a moderate weight, are reasonably priced, and offer a good bounce that will enable you to sharpen your table tennis skills.

Lastly, there are tables with a thickness of 22mm, which are well suited for individuals who are slightly beyond intermediate but also not yet professionals. One will often find these kinds of tables in clubs. These tables are sturdy and provide an exceptional bounce that creates a suitable environment for players looking to go pro in the future.

Sturdy Net

When you select a table tennis table, it is essential to take care that you get a table with a good quality net. Failure to purchase a table with a good net has the potential to degrade your sporting experience significantly.

You can choose between permanently affixed nets, nets with a spring-loaded clip, or nets with a hand-tightened screw clamp. As the name alludes, with a permanently affixed net, the net is screwed to the table and permanently affixed. A permanently affixed net is suitable for indoor and outdoor tables.

Spring-loaded clip nets are attached to the table but can be removed easily. The easy detachment feature is ideal if you will not use your table daily and will have to put it into storage at some point. The removable feature allows you to store the net separately, which lessens the likelihood that your table’s net will get damaged when in storage.

Nets with a hand-tightened screw clamp are the perfect balance between a permanently affixed net and a spring-loaded clip net. These nets are convenient because they can be removed from the table but also provide the sturdiness associated with permanently affixed nets.


If you have very little space to place your table, it is best to get a mini table tennis table, as this will allow you to play a decent match while having some room to move around the table. Judge the size of the table by considering whether you will have 1m-2m space to move around the table when playing the game.

If you would like to play a four-person match, then you will, at the very least, require a midi table tennis table. These tables provide sufficient space for you to move swiftly during four-player matches. However, if you have a large amount of space, you can consider buying a full-size table that will give you a lot of freedom to bounce the ball all over the large table for maximum enjoyment.


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