When Should You Replace A Squash Racquet?

Squash is one of those games that looks fun and is a lot of fun! Having a good racquet is essential to the sport. If you are beginning to grasp the game or have been playing for years and consider yourself a pro, you may have wondered when a good time to replace your racquet is.

The period a racquet will last can vary according to a few factors. These factors include whether the racquet is damaged and the level you play. Most squash players agree that a squash racquet does not need to be replaced for several years and should last at least 1-2 years, if not more.

Although there are varying opinions on the subject, it is clear that you shouldn’t need to replace your squash racquet too regularly unless there is an obvious problem with it. Most players concur that you shouldn’t need to replace your racquet before a year, and most likely only after 2-3 years of use. These are some aspects to consider concerning replacing your squash racquet.

How Long Should a Squash Racquet Last?

The amount and frequency of time you spend on the squash court using your racquet will determine how long it should last. If you are a regular player and consider yourself an intermediate or skilled sportsman, playing a couple of times per week, your racquet should last you between 1-2 years.

If you play casually now and then and consider yourself a beginner or novice player, your racquet should last you for at least 2-3 years.

One of my more professional squash-playing friends commented on the subject; ‘With playing Squash, there is inevitably going to be some contact with the wall. If you play a tight shot, you can tap the wall, so there are some knocks on the wall with your racquet. You play with your racquet until it breaks. A regular player will most likely need to replace their racquet yearly.’

How Frequently Do Squash Racquets break?

When your squash racquet is badly damaged, and the structure is compromised, it is, unfortunately, time to replace it. A damaged racquet is not unusual, as the game is fast, and there can be hard hits against the wall or another player’s racquet, and this is the most common reason for players to replace their racquets.

How Can I Help To Make My Squash Racquet Last Longer?

Even though squash rackets shouldn’t need replacement very frequently, there are ways you can preserve the length of its life and look after your racquet to make sure it is in excellent condition when you need it. Follow these suggestions to maintain the life of your racquet:

  1. Try to keep your racquet in its cover after use.
  2. Try to keep your racquet clean.
  3. Try to keep your racquet at room temperature.
  4. Try to restring your racquet as many times in a year as you play a week. The minimum to restring should be once a year. If you play once a week, you should restring your racquet once a year, etc.
  5. If required, try to wrap some insulation tape around the top section of your racquet to protect it from damage.

Does My Squash Racquet Need To Be Restrung And Why?

You may not need to consider replacing your squash racquet too often, but you will need to restring your racquet on a much more regular basis. It is time to get your strings restrung when you notice some wearing away or fraying. The correct tension of the strings enables power and better control of your play.

If you are playing Squash several times per week (2-3 times), you may need to restring your racquet up to once a month. Due to the strings getting worn out by regular use, the recommendation is to restring your racquet periodically.

You can restring your racquet before the strings break; this is preferable. In doing this, you will not only be keeping the lines fresh for play but will be improving the performance of the racquet.

Choosing A New Squash Racquet To Buy

Generally speaking, the better squash player you are, the better racquet you would need. A comment made by one of the professionals I know; ‘Squash is about control; it is less about how hard you hit. You want the center of gravity to be perfect, so the center of gravity depends on where you hold the racquet and how you play. You will want a good racquet if you are a competent player.’

Choosing a new racquet can be daunting if you are unsure what aspects to consider. As with all sporting equipment, there is a lot to choose from, so knowing where to start can be tricky. It would help if you selected the racquet best for your style and level of gameplay.

When buying a new squash racquet, there are several things to factor in. Check out these suggestions on choosing the best racquet that will suit your requirements.

Tips For Buying A New Squash Racquet

Look out for ‘One-Day Only’ or half-Price specials

Many players I know have picked up a new racquet on such promotions, and if you tend to break your racquet more often than you like to admit, this is a great way to stock up on a couple of extras for when you may need them.

Consider the throat shape of the racquet

A more open-throated racquet means the strings can move about more freely. These racquets are not only more forgiving but will allow better ball control. Racquets with a broader opening will have shorter strings and be better for the more accurate-hitting player. This open throat provides additional precision.

Consider the heaviness of the racquet frame

The frame is the outside structure of the racquet. You would opt for a lighter or heavier frame depending on your player type. Most players tend to go for a racquet in the middle, offering the benefits of both types of structures.

Consider the rigidity of the racquet

Depending on the level at which you play Squash, you may want a more flexible racquet. Generally, more experienced players would choose a more stiff racquet to make powerful shots, while a beginner may prefer a more flexible racquet to help with control.

Consider the grip of the racquet

It is vital to choose a racquet with a comfortable grip. Some players have a customized grip fitted onto their racquets, and this does help to provide maximum comfort. However, one can also make small changes to the handles’ grip by adding tape in critical areas of the grip.


The main reason players would need a new squash racquet is the frame cracking and breaking; this can happen while taking a shot against the side walls of the court or smacking your racquet against your fellow player’s racquet during a game.

You should only need to replace your squash racquet once a year, but they can last longer if there is no structural damage. If you look after your racquet without breaking it, you can expect to use it for 2-3 years. After two years, even if your racquet may not be impaired, you may want to replace it, as wear and tear on the racquet may begin to affect its performance.


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