Does Height Give You An Advantage In Squash?

In many sports, tall players have a significant advantage because they have a more extended reach and give bigger steps than shorter players. However, is this true for squash as well since agility plays a considerable role? Does height give you an advantage in squash?

Height can give you an advantage in squash, but it would depend on your opponent’s style of playing. One significant advantage of being tall is that you don’t have to leave the T-zone because you have a longer reach. However, certain maneuvers might not be suitable for tall players in squash.

Although there are some significant advantages of being tall in squash, there are also some downsides. Therefore, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of height in squash. We will also discuss the best squash tactics to use if you are a tall player to help ensure you win the game.

Does Height Give You An Advantage In Squash?

Taller people generally have an advantage in sports, especially racket sports, because they have a more extended reach and give bigger steps. As squash is a racket sport, one might assume that height gives you an advantage in this sport as well.

However, depending on how your opponent plays, height might not necessarily give you a great advantage. did some research about the benefit of height when playing squash and found that there isn’t a particular length among professional squash players. This indicates that height might not give you such a significant advantage when playing squash as you might think.

To determine how big of an advantage height gives you in squash, let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of height in squash.

The Advantages Of Height In Squash

The biggest advantage of being a tall person in squash is that you don’t have to move away from the T-zone to reach the ball when retrieving it. Shorter squash players must move a few steps away from the T-zone to retrieve the ball. They then have to retrace their steps back to the T-zone to retrieve the following ball, and so forth.

However, as a tall player, you can retrieve the ball simply by reaching for it. You don’t have to move as much as shorter players, and this saves you time and energy. The more you remain in the T-zone while playing squash, the harder it is for your opponent to force an error and gain a match point.

Another great advantage of being a tall squash player is that you have the option to volley the ball when receiving it. When you volley a squash ball, you intercept it before it bounces. This makes your reaction time much quicker and will force your opponent to respond faster.

Volleying is especially useful if you are playing against a shorter player. They will have less time to anticipate the shot and will spend much more time moving around. Therefore, they won’t be in the T-zone as often, and this makes it easier for you to score a match point.

The Disadvantages Of Height In Squash

Although having a longer reach and bigger steps is a significant advantage in squash, height also has some negative aspects, especially when your opponent knows how to use your height against you. Generally, tall players aren’t as agile as shorter players. In addition, they don’t have the pace or mobility of shorter players.

Therefore, taller players shouldn’t rely on retrieving balls when playing squash. Volleying is an excellent tactic, but your opponent might read this and serve the ball in such a way to make it more challenging to volley. In this case, your opponent might make more difficult strikes where you will be forced to move around more. Then, your height will be a disadvantage because you aren’t as agile as a shorter player.

Suppose your opponent chooses to take short strikes where reaching isn’t an advantage. In that case, you will be forced to move around the ball to hit it back, and this can become a frustrating experience for a tall squash player.

Therefore, as you can see, height doesn’t necessarily give you an advantage in squash. It mainly depends on your opponent and how you use your height if it is an advantage or disadvantage for you on the squash field.

How To Use Height As An Advantage In Squash

Squash is a highly intense sport that requires a lot of moving, lunging, and stretching. However, taller people might find the space challenging to move in and may have a hard time hitting the ball accurately with such a short range of motion.

However, if you know how to move, being tall can give you a significant advantage. Here are some tips for using your height to your advantage when playing squash.

1. Stay Close To The T-zone

Your opponent will most likely try to force you to move from the T-zone because they know you aren’t as fast as them. However, stick as close to the T-zone and the center of the court as possible, and you won’t have to move around as much.

From the T-zone, you can reach most balls, and it will be difficult for your opponent to find a gap to make a kill shot. Therefore, staying in the center of the court gives you the advantage of intercepting most balls and also blocks your opponent from making any tricky shots that can earn them points.

2. Practice Stretching For The Corners

Although being tall can give you an advantage in squash, it is only valid if you can use your height to your advantage. When training, practice stretching to the corners of the court while taking as few steps as possible. When you can do this successfully, you can reach most balls without moving away from the T-zone.

In addition to only being able to reach that far, you should also work on your speed when doing so. Practice reaching to the corners and recovering as fast as possible so you don’t get caught with slow movements during a squash game against an agile opponent.

3. Practice Volleying

As we’ve already mentioned, you cannot play a reactive game of squash if you are a taller player. Interceding the ball and catching your opponent off guard with a quick response is ultimately your best move. Therefore, you should focus on developing your volleying skills in squash.

Also, spend some time practicing against a shorter and more agile player to get a feel for how they react to your moves. This will help you predict how they will play against you and give you even more of an advantage when playing squash.


There is a possible advantage of being tall in squash. You can remain in the T-zone and volley the ball, catching your opponent off-guard. However, height is only an advantage in squash when you know how to use it. Therefore, you should practice stretching for the corners, volleying, and improve your recovery time when playing squash.

Suppose you don’t know how to use your height as an advantage in squash. In that case, it can easily become a disadvantage because tall players often aren’t as agile or fast as their shorter opponents. We hope the tips that we shared in this article will help you develop your advantage as a tall squash player. 


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