Indoor vs. Outdoor Pickleball Shoes

Although pickleball is a low-impact sport, as with any sport, there is a possibility that players can be prone to injury.  The sudden, turning pivoting movement that often occurs when playing pickleball can result in sprains or strains on the upper and lower body.  You want to make sure that you are wearing the right shoe to support those lateral movements.  I am left pondering which is the best Indoor vs. Outdoor Pickle Shoes.

You wear badminton shoes on indoor pickleball courts because of the grip.  Tennis Shoes are more suited to the gritty surfaces of the outdoors.  The most crucial factor to consider is that each shoe will offer stability and support, considering the sport and the terrain.

This adrenaline-pumping sport filled with a competitive edge needs some appropriate gear.  Thus far, this sport has been solely dependent on piggybacking off shoes designed for other sports.  The only determining factor in choosing a suitable shoe has been comparing it to the terrain of different sports and measuring the success of the footwear to the appropriate sport.  Let me help guide you in deciding which shoe is the most appropriate.

Can You Wear Indoor Pickle Shoes Outdoors?

Although you can use indoor pickle shoes outdoors, the rough terrain can end up tearing the rubber on the soles of the indoor shoes.  It is, therefore, best to opt for a tennis shoe. 

Recommended Pickleball Shoes For Outdoors

As discussed, there is no “pickleball shoe,” so if you are shopping for an outdoor shoe to play pickleball, you might want to purchase a tennis shoe.  Below are some of the top picks.

 Pickleball Shoes For Women

  • Adidas Adi zero Uber sonic 4

  • Asics Solution Speed FF

  • New Balance 996V4

  • Asics Gel Resolution 8

  • Wilsons Rush Pro 3.5

Pickleball Shoes For Men

  • Asics Court FF 2

  • Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro

  • Adidas Sole Court Boost

  • Asics Gel Resolution 8

  • Adidas Adi zero Uber sonic 4

Importance Of Wearing The Right Outdoor Pickleball Shoe

Tennis shoes have features to get you around the court more efficiently and safely.  Since pickleball focuses on lateral movements, the shoe should provide long-lasting durability and stability, with safety being of the utmost importance.

Why Is A Tennis Shoe Ideal For Outdoor Pickle Court?

Outdoor pickleball courts are very similar to tennis courts that have concrete and asphalt surfaces.  Although the non-aggressive silica sand on the court offers a slip-free surface, you may still be prone to injury.  The best way to ensure a firm footing is to invest in the proper footwear.  Based on the below reasons, tennis shoes fare well in this category:

  • The threading on the shoe’s sole gives the optimum traction on the court.  The shoe is heavier but slimmer, which guides agility.
  • The thinner and harder heels provide stability.
  • The thin padding does not restrict lateral movements on the inside of the shoe.
  • The shoe sole has carbon rubber which allows it to be more durable.

Guidelines When Choosing An Outdoor Shoe For Pickleball

The pickleball court is a huge determining factor in what shoe you should choose.  Shoes that offer more traction are suited for hard courts.  A shoe with patterns on the sole is more suited for clay courts.  The shoes with nubs on the sole are for grass courts, providing an anti-slip feature.

Although pickleball is not an aggressive sport, the lateral, as well as the lunging backward and forward motion, will make your feet sweaty.  Consider choosing a lightweight, breathable well-ventilated tennis shoe, especially in summer.

Can You Use Outdoor Pickleball Shoes Indoors?

A badminton shoe will surface until a particular shoe manufacturers design an indoor pickleball shoe.  The indoor pickleball court mimics the size and surface of a badminton court.  It is no wonder that the shoe designed to play this sport would be similar. 

The good news is that tennis shoes, ideal for outdoor pickleball courts, are so versatile that you can easily use them indoors.  The most suited feature of the tennis shoe is its design feature for lateral motion, which suits the game of pickleball. 

If you don’t want two different pairs of shoes to take up cupboard space, you can opt for one.

Recommended Pickleball Shoes For Indoors

You can opt for the above tennis shoe varieties.  If you only play indoor pickleball, it might be advisable to opt for a shoe explicitly focusing on this terrain.  The best indoor pickle shoes are:

Women’s Indoor Pickle Shoes

  • Women’s Gel -Beyond 10 Indoor Court Shoes

  • Babolat Women Shadow Spirit Badminton Shoes

  • Yonex Power Cushion Z2 Indoor Shoes

  • Women’s Badminton Shoes Breathable Fitness Cushion

  • Adidas Badminton Grand Court Indoor

Men’s Indoor Pickle Shoes

  • Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 3

  • Yonex Comfort Z Men’s Badminton Indoor Court Shoes

  • Li Ning Lightweight anti-slippery breathable professional badminton shoes

  • Babolat Shadow Spirit Indoor Badminton Shoes

  • Asics Men’s Gel Tactic 2 training Shoes

Importance Of Wearing The Right Shoe For Indoor Pickle Ball

Most players prefer playing indoor pickleball to shield themselves from the harsh elements of nature like sunlight and rain.  The different colored tape typically placed on indoor pickleball courts can sometimes become confusing and cause the player to lose focus.

This distraction can sometimes be to the opponent’s benefit, causing you to topple over.  Ensure that you wear the right shoes to provide stability.

Indoor pickleball court terrains are often your typical indoor basketball or badminton courts, usually laid on a wooden floor with synthetic mats.  The courts are destined with cushion for comfort when players must make lateral movements across the surface to outplay their opponents. 

These movements often cause you to lose balance resulting in injuries.  Wearing a badminton shoe to play indoor pickleball has you covered due to the sole’s grip to suit the terrain.

Why Is A Badminton Shoe Ideal For Pickleball?

The non-markings on the soles of the badminton shoe are ideal for the wooden surface of the indoor pickleball court.  The non-markings ensure that the shoe is slip-resistant.  These markings also provide no damage to the court.

The tiny pores situated on the upper layer of the shoes also make it breathable.  With the lateral motion of the picket ball, the last thing you want to have to deal with is sweaty, smelly feet.

Basketball often involves some lunging backward and forwards to defeat your opponent.  With too much cushioning in a shoe, you are prone to the twisting of your ankle.  Badminton shoes have a thinner, softer cushion so that you can move sidewards without any hindrance.

The mid-cut collar on the shoe provides ankle support which is necessary for any lateral movement sports. A badminton shoe weighs on average 250 g to 330 g, making it ideal for pickleball.  If a shoe weighs too much, your feet will tire quickly, affecting your performance in the game.

The outer sole has a lower thread that does not grip the surface as firmly; this will cause you to fall over. The outer soles also have winding channel strips that help you move sidewards faster when playing pickleball.

Differences Between Indoor And Outdoor Pickle Shoes

Features  Indoor Pickle Shoes  Outdoor Pickle Shoes  
  Soles    It has softer flat soles, and the rubber is stickier for better grip on slippery floors.    It has a durable rubber for hard court wear to provide more stability.  
  Cushioning    Has thinner, softer cushioning to move sideways without hindrance.    The shoe has added cushioning to prevent shock absorption.  


Indoor vs. Outdoor Pickleball Shoes, the specification of the shoe depends entirely on the player and the terrain.  It also depends on the surface.  There is one shoe that seems to be more versatile, and that is the tennis shoe that can not only be used outdoors but also fair quite well indoors.

You will also note that are not vast differences between the shoes.  If you spend more time on the indoor court, then an indoor pickleball shoe is for you; if you balance your plays between both courts, then an outdoor pickle shoe should have you covered.


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