What Pickleball Paddle Is Best For Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is a serious problem for many racket and paddle sports players, including pickleball. It’s the inflammation of the tendons connecting muscles in the arm. Tennis elbow can make it difficult for players to enjoy the game and sometimes prevent them from playing altogether.

The best pickleball paddles for the alleviation or prevention of tennis elbow include:

  1. ProKennex Pro Flight
  2. HEAD Radical Pro
  3. Selkirk Amped S2
  4. Paddletek Tempest Wave II
  5. ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Speed II
  6. GRM by Gonex
  7. Onix Composite Z5
  8. NewFit Blur
  9. Gamma Jester NeuCore

If you’re wondering what pickleball paddle is best for players suffering from tennis elbow, you’ve come to the right place! Some paddles have been specially designed to reduce the strain on the areas affected by tennis elbow and compensate for a lack of mobility or strength.

1. ProKennex Pro Flight

The ProKennex Pro Flight paddle is excellent for alleviating elbow pain. Its kinetic technology, carbon casing, and Cloud Cell poly core are great for shock absorption. Less shock absorption means that fewer vibrations are traveling through your arm with every shot, making it a fantastic choice for players who suffer from tennis elbow.

Additionally, the shock-absorbent technology gives players a better overall feel during gameplay. The paddle’s weight is evenly distributed throughout the face, giving it better balance and stability. Balance and stability provide better shot consistency while also placing less strain on your elbow. When you swing to hit a shot, the distributed weight will also prevent you from worsening pain by over-swinging. 

The Pro Flight features a small four-inch grip circumference, which is ideal for smaller hands. The grip is also cushioned, which further helps to reduce vibrations that may cause worsened elbow pain. 

For players with bigger hands, a cushioned overgrip can help to increase the grip size to better suit their needs. It’s essential to find the right grip size when suffering from tennis elbow, as a grip size that is too small can aggravate symptoms. 

The Pro Flight’s dimensions measure 15.43 inches long and 7.6 inches wide, smaller than traditional pickleball paddles. However, the extra-large sweet spot can improve a player’s overall consistency if they need to adjust their playstyle for elbow pain.

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2. HEAD Radical Pro

The HEAD Radical Pro is a power-focused paddle designed for players suffering from elbow pain who still want a decent amount of force behind their shots. The paddle’s composite fiberglass surface with Extreme Spin technology also gives it an edge in power and spin for players who prefer an aggressive playstyle.

The Radical Pro comes in two grip size options of three and ⅞ inches and four and ⅛ inches, making it a versatile paddle for players who want varied grip options. The grip also uses Ergo Grip, which has a more comfortable feel and good shock absorption. Better shock absorption means less strain on a player’s elbow, making it suitable for injuries like tennis elbow.

The Radical Pro also features a five-inch long handle to make two-handed backhands more comfortable. This helps to reduce pressure and makes it easier to play more fast-paced games. The Radical Pro is recommended for players of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned pickleball pros.

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3. Selkirk Amped S2

Another excellent pick for a pickleball paddle that is forgiving for players with tennis elbow, the Selkirk Amped S2 has a classic shape. Not only is this paddle perfect for alleviating elbow pain, but players who use it can also reduce the risk of developing the condition over time.  

The paddle measures around fifteen and ¾ inches long and eight inches wide, providing players with superior stability and a wider contact surface. The thicker X5 polypropylene honeycomb core provides a cushioned feel while maintaining enough power to put the ball away.

The Amped S2 comes with a standard grip size of four and ¼ inches and a shorter handle length of four and a half inches. Additionally, the FiberFlex technology creates friction with the ball for longer dwell times and better overall control. 

This is a midweight paddle with a weight range of 7.9 to 8.4 ounces, making it comfortable to use for most players. When playing with tennis elbow, players should avoid using paddles that are too light or heavy as this can aggravate symptoms.

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4. Paddletek Tempest Wave II

The Paddletek Tempest Wave II is a lightweight paddle with standard dimensions that gives it a good weight distribution and overall feel when playing. This makes it an excellent choice for players who suffer from joint sensitivity in their elbows.

The paddle comes in various weight options that cater to players of different strengths. The Tempest PolyCore absorbs excess shock and produces a softer hitting experience for players, which reduces stress on the elbow. Despite the softer impact, the Tempest Wave II packs a punch of power for the short game, giving players some extra pop when hitting the ball.

The rough paddle surface improves the precision players can achieve, and the massive sweet spot makes this one of the most consistent paddles on the market. The four and ¼-inch grip size and five and ¼-inch handle length give players plenty of room for two-handed shots to reduce pressure on joints while still getting excellent power.

The large sweet spot makes this paddle extremely forgiving, which means that straining to hit the perfect shot won’t be necessary. The paddle’s forgiving nature provides firm stability and consistency. Beginners can take advantage of this to improve their game. At the same time, professionals can rely on it for fast-paced games without worrying about straining joints.

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5. ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Speed II

ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Speed II has been engineered and designed for comfort and stability, which is excellent for players struggling with tennis elbow and joint pain. The edgeless tennis-shaped paddle boasts a large sweet spot for improved stability and impact feeling, providing extra comfort when hitting.

The Ovations Speed II’s surface is a fiberglass composite material featuring seven layers of coating with an over skin that improves spin. The skin grabs the ball more firmly when it’s hit to let players place more spin on the ball than normal.

The layered surface coating also improves the paddle’s overall durability, which makes up for its slightly high price tag. The grip size is pretty small at three and ⅞ inches, so players may have to apply an overgrip to achieve the desired grip size to avoid straining joints.

The handle length is standard at four and ⅞ inches, making the paddle very easy to handle. The paddle face design makes it aerodynamic for better reactions and improved movement speed.

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6. Joola Vision CGS

The aerodynamic head design and long handle make the Joola Vision CGS ideal for players with tennis elbow and tendonitis. The paddle’s design ensures more effortless movement through the air with less resistance. The longer handle makes two-handed shots extremely comfortable. The paddle measures 16.4 inches long and 7.3 inches wide for an elongated design.

The Sure-Grip technology lets players swing their paddles worry-free. Players do not have to grip the paddle too tightly, which reduces the strain on joints from overexertion. The standard grip size makes the paddle comfortable to use for most players, and an overgrip can be applied to give the paddle a larger grip for those with bigger hands.

The honeycomb polymer core dampens excess vibrations to provide players with gentle and accurate feedback to improve the quality of their game. Less impact shock means less stress on the elbow when swinging, so playing for longer with less pain is much easier.

The Vision CGS features a carbon Flex3 surface that grips the ball well and provides excellent spin and precision for control players. The paddle has a large sweet spot across the face for generating extra power consistently without sacrificing control. It can produce enough power from swings that players with tender joints don’t have to overexert them.

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7. Onix Composite Z5

Coming in at a heavier weight of 8.4 to 9 ounces, the Onix Composite Z5 is an unexpected but excellent choice for those with tennis elbow or tendonitis. It provides all the power players could need without having to swing with extreme force. It’s recommended for intermediate players with decent control looking for a paddle with more power.

It features a wide body design, measuring eight and ⅛ inches in width for a larger hitting surface. The fiberglass surface and Nomex honeycomb core provide a lot of power without reducing control. The flared four, and ¼-inch grip makes swinging this paddle easy and reduces the need to grip the paddle too tightly.

The broad paddle face increases the size of the sweet spot for a more consistent pop and better power from anywhere on the court. The increased weight means the paddle will provide most of the power when hitting, and the honeycomb core absorbs shocks for a better feel and less stress on players’ arms and joints.

8. Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro

Offering thin and standard grip size options of 4.125 inches and four and 4.375 inches, the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro is a middleweight paddle that offers extra comfort. The standard grip option has an extra cushioned grip for shock absorption and reduced joint stress. The 5.25-inch handle allows players to use two hands on shots to avoid joint stress while maintaining power.

The Tempest SRT core creates a highly responsive paddle for better control and power, while the balanced weight provides a stable feeling when swinging the paddle. The unidirectional carbon fiber surface material increases the spin factor for players limited to certain swinging angles.

The large sweet spot and Smart Response technology create consistency and an excellent feel every time the ball is hit. The paddle features a classic design with a length of fifteen and ⅞ inches and a solid width of eight inches to give players the most effective surface area for contact with the ball.

While the Tempest Wave Pro may lack some power, it makes up for it with its superb control and excellent spin factor. So players can outplay their opponents and control the flow and pace of the game with less joint strain and worry.

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9. GAMMA Jester NeuCore

The Gamma Jester NeuCore is a midweight, proportionally wide-bodied paddle that offers extreme comfort for those suffering from tendonitis or tennis elbow. The cushioned but tacky honeycomb grip gives players the confidence to swing their paddles and not worry about straining their joints because they are gripping the handle too tightly.

The Jester sports a 15.625-inch total length and a width of 7.5 inches, and although it’s not the widest paddle on the market, its short length makes it seem like it is. The proportionally wider face gives players a more prominent sweet spot with which to work and provides a soft yet responsive feel to the paddle.

The 15.875mm thick NeuCore polypropylene core accents the paddle’s considerable sweet spot for more consistent shots. The textured graphite surface makes controlling the ball a cinch while providing players with an excellent spin factor, even with limited movements.

The 7.75 ounces of evenly distributed weight make for an incredibly stable paddle, and there’s less stress on joints. The thicker cells in the paddle’s core make it feel softer with longer dwell times for better spin and accurate returns. The 4.125-inch grip size suits most players, though those with bigger hands may need to apply an overgrip to make it more comfortable.

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How Pickleball Paddles Help Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow and tendonitis are common ailments in racket and paddle sports, so it should come as no surprise that tennis elbow is a concern for pickleball players. Some paddles are designed to alleviate some of the pain and strain of tennis elbow. These paddles are engineered ergonomically to reduce stress on players’ joints.

At the same time, these paddles focus on giving players the best playing experience with limited movement or power. They include features that increase the power of shots when players cannot swing as hard as they’d like or surfaces that grab the ball more firmly to increase the amount of spin players can produce.


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