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What’s Better US Open Or Wimbledon?

The Grand Slams on the tennis calendar are the most anticipated of the year. Each of these tournaments has unique features not seen elsewhere on the tennis tour. Like for everything, people like to pick favorites, and there is constant debate as to which Grand Slam is the best. So, which is better, the US Open and Wimbledon?

Wimbledon and the US Open are two very different tennis tournaments; one tournament being better than the other is a matter of subjective preference. Wimbledon has a long history, upholds tradition, and has a respectful crowd. The US Open has an electric atmosphere and the biggest tennis stadium.

The US Open and Wimbledon are very old tennis tournaments that have been the center stage for historical moments of the sport. People tend to favor one tournament over the other for specific reasons.

Wimbledon Versus The US Open

The US Open and Wimbledon are both highly anticipated tournaments. Players who qualify for either tournament’s main draw are excited, to say the least.

Determining which tournament is better is subjective, as both tournaments have big contrasts. For instance, Wimbledon is played on grass courts, while the US Open is on hard courts. 

The best way to determine which of the two grand slams is better than the other is to examine what each Grand Slam offers. Both tournaments have no shortage of qualities, from the rich history of Wimbledon to the captivating crowds of the US Open.

What Makes Wimbledon A Great Grand Slam Tournament

In truth, when you ask most players and tennis fans which Grand Slam is their favorite, they will answer Wimbledon. Although it is arguably the most loved Grand Slam tournament amongst the tennis community, Wimbledon does not have an obvious literal superiority over the other majors. Rather, people love Wimbledon for historical and passionate reasons.

Wimbledon Has The Longest And Richest History

Wimbledon has been around since the very beginning of competitive tennis; the tournament was created in 1877, making it the oldest grand slam. 

The tournament is still played on grass, tennis’s original surface. Nowadays, grass court tournaments are a dying breed, as the grass is harder to maintain than clay and hard. For this reason, many tennis fans respect and love Wimbledon for having maintained grass courts for all these years while other tournaments switched to other surfaces.

Wimbledon Has A Respectful Crowd

The crowd at Wimbledon might be the most respectful you will find on the tennis tour. You won’t hear nearly as many gasps and screams as in other tournaments. In contrast, the US Open crowd is extremely energetic and explosive. It is up to fans and players to choose which type of crowd they enjoy more.

Spectator etiquette is taken seriously at Wimbledon, which lends to the tournament’s class. Even when hometown heroes are on the court, the English crowd avoids chaos in the stands after dramatic points.

Wimbledon Has Long-Standing Traditions

Wimbledon is unique in that it imposes an all-white dress code on players and does not let advertisers advertise on the courts, which you see in all other tournaments.

Having these unique traditions is one thing that draws fans to Wimbledon.

Wimbledon Has Witnessed Historic Moments

Over the many years of its existence, Wimbledon has been the setting of many historic and record-breaking moments. 

The record that comes to many people’s minds is the longest tennis match in history between John Isner and Nicholas Mahut. This match lasted over eleven hours over three days. 

Many fans reminisce about the many crazy finals that have occurred over the years, whether between Borg and McEnroe or Federer, Nadal, or Djokovic.

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What Makes The US Open A Special Tournament

The US Open is final Grand Slam of the year, where players who have not had a great season hope to turn things around. Luckily for the players participating, the US Open offers a unique and energetic atmosphere that is hard to replicate elsewhere on tour.

As one compares Wimbledon and the US Open, it becomes clear that the two tournaments have very contrasting ethos regarding tennis in terms of how the game should be played and its entertainment value.

The US Open Has The Biggest Tennis Stadium 

It’s a trademark of the US to strive to go bigger, whether in industry or sports. The US Open has applied this philosophy to the tournament and built the biggest tennis stadium on tour, the Arthur Ashe Stadium, that can accommodate nearly twenty-four thousand spectators. In comparison, Wimbledon’s center court has a capacity of fifteen thousand.

The US Open is undoubtedly a favorite for players and fans who relish in the electric atmosphere and extravaganza that the Arthur Ashe Stadium brings. However, some players and fans can be overwhelmed by the US Open’s energy, which is why they prefer a tournament like Wimbledon.


The Opening Ceremony At US Open Is Grandiose

The US Open is known for putting on a massive show for its opening ceremony. Over the years, The tournament organizers have brought stars, such as Phil Collins, to perform in front of thousands of people in celebrations of the US Open’s start.

The US Open Uses Standard Tiebreaks At The End Of Each Set

A feature that helps the US Open gain popularity, especially amongst players, is that this Grand Slam uses standard tiebreaks for every set. This prevents five-set matches from dragging on for hours to ridiculous scores. Many players are happy to have a deciding tiebreak, as opposed to having to win by two games.

After witnessing two back-to-back semi-finals in 2018 that were never ending, the Wimbledon organizers decided to impose a tiebreak in the fifth set if the score got to twelve all.

Wimbledon And The US Open Could Not Be More Different

It would be easier to determine which tournament is better if they were similar. However, the US Open and Wimbledon are very different from one another. One favors having an electric, borderline chaotic atmosphere, while the other favors short applauses.

The atmosphere is also different outside of the tennis courts. At the US Open venue, music is playing loudly from speakers next to hot dog stands, street-food trucks, and shops with beer on offer. This is quite a different vibe from Wimbledon’s. 

Ultimately, it is a matter of preference for fans and players regarding which Grand Slam tournament is better.

Is Wimbledon Faster Than The US Open?

Generally, most players still feel that Wimbledon’s grass courts are faster than the US open’s hard courts; however, not all players agree.

For instance, Rafael Nadal and Any Murray believe that Wimbledon is still faster despite feeling like the courts have been slowing down in recent years. In contrast, Roger Federer believes that the US Open courts have surpassed the Wimbledon courts regarding speed.

The Wimbledon courts appear to have slowed because the players use heavy spins and different balls. However, the grass still retains a fast pace overall.


It is up to individual players and fans to decide for themselves if they prefer Wimbledon or the US Open. The two tournaments have contrasting approaches to hosting tennis events.


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