How Often Should You Upgrade Your Pickleball Paddle?

Whether you are playing Pickleball socially or professionally, your paddle will have to be upgraded or replaced from time to time. You may wonder how often you should upgrade your Pickleball Paddle. It may have gotten damaged, or you wish to improve your techniques. Regardless of the reason, several factors will influence your paddle’s lifespan.

Pickleball paddles should be upgraded every 1 to 2 years. However, the upgrade period is influenced by factors such as your competition level, how aggressively you play, and your sponsors. Choosing the right paddle for your level is crucial to avoid unnecessary upgrades.

Nothing lasts forever, and your Pickleball paddle is no exception. Years of playing and perhaps paddle clinking as a celebration causes damage that may not be easily visible. Other factors that influence your paddle’s upgrade period include but are not limited to, paddle shape, handle length, and lousy paddle quality.

How Often Should I Upgrade My Pickleball Paddle?

You have probably seen other players who have upgraded their paddles, and you wonder when you should upgrade yours and why. Although paddles last between 2 – 3 years on average, it is essential to know why you should upgrade your Pickleball paddle and when to determine how often you should upgrade it.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll look at the reasons that could cause your Pickleball to be upgraded sooner than you initially hoped. Some of these reasons include when your Pickleball paddle is broken or worn out. It could also be when you have moved to a higher playing level or wish to try different Pickleball paddle shapes, or your sponsor has offered you an upgrade.

Should I Upgrade My Pickleball Paddle If It Is Worn Out?

One of the reasons paddles get damaged is due to paddle clinking before or after a game. Clicking may not cause visible damage and may seem like a completely harmless act, but this causes damage to your paddle and should be avoided as far as possible.

While every upgrade means a replacement, not every replacement is necessarily an upgrade. If you are replacing your paddle for the above reasons, there is no reason to upgrade your existing paddle. If the paddle you had was sufficient, you could replace it with a new one of the same kind.

Is A Pickleball Paddle Upgrade Needed If My Game Improves?

Many professional players have sponsors and would upgrade their paddles before an upgrade is due. However, even though upgrading your paddle will give you confidence, choosing a better shape can help you deliver a better game.

Although most paddles look the same, design and price can differ vastly from paddle to paddle. Even though upgrading won’t instantly make you a top player, it can help you improve your performance. Competitive players can get at least a year out of a good-quality paddle if it is well taken care of. Social players who don’t play as often and aggressively can get three or more years out of a good-quality paddle.

Should A Pickleball Paddle With Dead Spots Be Upgraded?

When you first purchased your Pickleball paddle, you may have noticed it sounded hollow. After a few years of playing, the sound had become duller, despite no visible signs of damage. These are referred to as dead spots. Dead spots are caused by aggressive play, wear & tear, water damage, or exposure to extreme heat.

Always keep your paddle bagged and away from direct sunlight when you aren’t playing, as extreme heat and frigid temperatures can both cause damage to the Honeycomb interior and Carbon fiber exterior of the paddle. Dead spots usually occur gradually.

If you have found that your paddle has a dead spot, it should be replaced immediately to ensure you keep at the top of your game without being influenced by your equipment. If you protect your paddle at extreme temperatures and avoid aggressive play, your paddle should only need to be replaced after three years. These replacements do not mean an upgrade is necessary.

Should I Upgrade To A Different Pickleball Paddle Shape?

Pickleball paddles come in different shapes and sizes, and the shape, handle size, and weight all influence performance. A lightweight paddle provides you with more control but less power. A heavier paddle will give you less control but more power when you hit the ball.

Although a paddle’s dimensions and handle length matter, it is best to try different paddles until you find one you feel most comfortable with. A mid-weight paddle will provide you with a balance between control and power. In addition to the above, purchasing your paddles from the same manufacturer ensures that your paddles will always be the same weight.

Regardless of the shape and weight of your paddle, you should apply the same care guides. Do not play too aggressively, and take good care of your paddle. Taking good care of your Pickleball paddle could help you gain more than three years of use from your paddle.

How To Take Care Of Your Pickleball Paddle

Like with any sports equipment, it is crucial to take the best care of your gear as far as possible:

  • Avoid clinking your paddle with fellow players, as this can harm the honeycomb inside the paddle and cause exterior damage.
  • Keep your paddle clean. The grip is the part that has the most contact with your body and should always be kept clean. Use a damp, lint-free cloth and some glass cleaner to wipe away any dirt and leave it to dry.
  • Use a bag designed for Pickleball paddles to protect your paddle from extreme hot or cold temperatures. Store your paddle in a safe place at room temperature when you are not playing.
  • Taking care of your paddle ensures that you will gain optimal use before having to replace it and improve the longevity of your paddle.


Pickleball paddles can have a long life if made from good quality material and artistry. Taking good care of your paddle, avoiding clinking and aggressive play, and proper storage are all valuable tips for keeping your paddle in a condition that makes it safe and effective to use.

Do research before purchasing your paddle, even if it costs a bit more. In the long run, you will be doing yourself and your playing career a favor. If good quality Pickleball paddles are treated with respect and depending on how often you play, there is no reason for your paddle not to last two to three years or possibly more.


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