Is Squash Or Racquetball More Popular?

Squash and racquetball are very similar sports. Both are played with similar equipment with similar rules and a similar court, but which of the two is more popular? If both sports are so similar, it will stand to reason that the sports have a similar number of participants. However, you may be surprised by the answer to this question.

Squash is significantly more popular than racquetball. There are many millions more squash players internationally than racquetball players. Squash is an older sport and is played in almost 200 countries, which results in roughly 15 million more squash players worldwide than racquetball players.

Racquetball and squash as similar in many ways, but they do have very distinct differences as well. Both sports have loyal followings and millions of participants in many countries internationally, but the truth is that there only one sport can be more popular. Let’s explore the popularity of squash and racquetball and learn more about these sports and what makes them fun along the way.

Is Squash Or Racquetball More Popular?

Squash and racquetball are similar in many respects, and there are many people who do not know the difference between the two. However, if you have ever played these sports, you will know that there is a significant difference between them.

With that in mind, which of these two sports is more popular internationally?

Squash is the more popular sport by a large margin. Racquetball is a significantly younger sport than squash and has a much smaller number of participants internationally.

A rough estimate of squash players vs. racquetball players states that there are more than 20 million squash players in almost 200 countries in the world, and there are only around 5.7 billion racquetball players in only around 80 countries.

These figures demonstrate that squash is a drastically more popular sport and is much more widely played and enjoyed internationally than racquetball.

There are several reasons for this significant difference, but most experts believe that the large discrepancy is simply due to the fact that squash is a much older sport.

Squash was developed in the 1830s and has been a popular game very since, making squash almost 200 years old at the time of writing this article. Racquetball, by comparison, is roughly 70 years old and has, therefore, not had the same amount of time to reach as many places as squash.

There are several aspects of these sports that are similar, and many people confuse the two or think that they are the same thing, but the truth is that there are more squash players than there are racquetball players, and the sport has a more refined and developed competitive community internationally than racquetball does.

Is Squash Or Racquetball More Fun?

Squash and racquetball are somewhat comparable sports, and there are several similarities between them. However, there are also significant differences between these sports as well, especially when considering the enjoyment and fun that can be had while playing them.

Racquetball is generally considered to be more fun than squash. Racquetball is an easier sport overall and is far better for beginners than squash. Racquetball is also more lenient, there are fewer rules, and the game is played at a slower pace, which can be more fun for those who are new to the sport.

Racquetball is also considered more than squash because it can be played with more techniques and less intensity. This sport is more accessible for more people and is also more fun to watch. Racquetball is a younger sport, but it is a more fun sort than squash, especially for inexperienced or beginner players.,

Squash is considered to be more difficult overall than racquetball, which usually means that it is considered less fun than racquetball as well. This higher level of difficulty is what attracts many racquetball players to squash, and anyone who is looking for a sporting challenge will enjoy squash more than racquetball.

These games are played in similar ways on indoor courts, but squash has more rules and fewer playing surfaces. All surfaces, including the roof of the court, are playable in racquetball, while the roof is off-limits in squash, and there are boundary lines that the ball is not permitted to cross during the game without losing a point.

The easier nature of racquetball makes it more accessible and fun for most people, but the challenge that is squash makes it more enjoyable for experienced players.

Is Squash Or Racquetball Better For Your Health?

Squash and racquetball are both played by millions of people in many countries, but these are both considered to be relatively high-intensity sports, and when comparing them to one another, many people wonder which sport is better for your health.

The truth is that squash burs more calories than racquetball, as the sport is more intense and requires the players to run faster and move more, so squash is a much better cardio workout than racquetball and better for maintaining fitness and health.

However, with that said, the risk of injury is higher while playing squash. It is the healthier of the two sports, but squash is more intense and requires more effort from the players, which means that the players are far more likely to hurt themselves or each other while playing than those who participate in racquetball.

Squash is a better workout and healthier for your body regarding fitness and exercise, but racquetball is much better for people who have injuries and for those who are at risk of developing injuries.

The answer here is that squash is better if you are trying to lose weight, increase and maintain fitness, and develop cardiovascular health, but racquetball is healthier for your body if you want to protect it from injuries and if you have a pre-existing injury of some kind.


At the end of it, racquetball is a sport that is more fun and less intense, but it is also less popular, which means that there are fewer people to play it, and it is a less effective form of exercise. Squash is very popular in many countries, which means there is no shortage of partners, even though it is less fun and it has better benefits for physical health.

Deciding between these two sports is entirely personal and is dependent on what you want from the sport. If you want to play an exciting and intense sport, then squash is better, but if you are looking for more fun, then racquetball is a better option for you.


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